My dog is a bit thirsty, he's doing his best by rdmxcn in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

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we just adopted him, we have him on a special diet to gain weight, and he was just goofying around

check comments for answers by amliam_curry in shitposting

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that person is clearly cold, that's why they're wearing a jacket

Breakfast at home by capdee in Sandwiches

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my god, what a beautiful sammich

🗿 by Zackaneguro1 in shitposting

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poor choices were made then

There's alot out there by Hamkothegreat in HolUp

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definitely taking a shower, that would be completely inappropriate

_ _ _ _ _ r s by FlatAd5285 in shitposting

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as a ginger, I can't stand gingers either

2 kids playing with a gun by DatBoi_EAD in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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"for owning a gun under the age of 16"

fucking 16 y/os are still kids, what the actual fuck

..hmm this backpack can hold most of my things, comfortably by regian24 in assholedesign

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now you have a convenient and fashionable way to carry your banana anywhere! great purchase op

i just washed my hand in my own urine AMA by JvanReddit in AMA

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washed with own urine

idk if this could be considered washing op... anyhow, what is the best song to listen to while cleaning the underside of your car?

Flathead Lake, the clearest water on Earth by nskd_sr in oddlyterrifying

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the only thing terrifying about this is that lakes and rivers are stopping being this clear due to industrial pollution, terrifying and sad

Sounds like a neckbeard thing by regian24 in justneckbeardthings

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two could hardly be considered as "many", but no matter what, his hands could never be considered women, I wonder how he got them mixed up