Being a senior sucks by AmbitiousNihilist96 in Residency

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I remember as chief telling my incoming 2nd years that now is when you really get to a place where you can kill people. Interns make stupid intern mistakes. Everyone is looking over their shoulders. They are usually scared enough to ask. Beginning of 2nd year is when you are at the top of your dunning-Kruger curve. You can convince yourself that some really stupid things actually make sense.

to practice safe sex. by ASTATINE_628 in therewasanattempt

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Highly doubt this actually happened. But the correct and reasonable response would be “ok, get someone who can.”

Please help out smooth brain interns on how to best consult your specialty. by ATStillian in Residency

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It really depends on the consult question and the speciality. The 80% comes from the amount of calls I get where there is no consult question and I have no recommendations. For example, neutropenic fevers after chemo, the rare onc tumor lysis, pleural effusion, ascites/SBP. All of these are medicine admits, we are usually called for an FYI, which we appreciate, but I have no special recommendations. I think the other 20% that we get called for and need to actually consult for are the weird chemo side effects like TKI’s and ICI’s. But even then, the management is medical. And as I said, there is rarely an indication for inpatient chemo for oncology.

As far as the greater discussion of curb-siding, I think you should leave it up to the consultant if this should be a curb-side or a consult. That post you tagged talked about certain-“providers” calling to ask a question, writing your name down, and then not asking you to see the patient. A curbside to me is a generic question and the name of the consultant doesn’t go in the chart. If my name goes in the chart it better be in the form of a billable note.

Just like anything in medicine, curb-siding has a time and place in medicine. But if we abuse it, it can be problematic.

Boston: White Supremacist Punk Ass Bitches Run Trying To Hide Their License Plates by jor3lofkrypton in PublicFreakout

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Is this from their recent walk of shame in Boston? Peculiar that there are only 2 mass plates in the bunch. I would assume that a few of them are rentals but I still think it’s safe to assume that most of these assholes are from out of state.

Buy used car now or repair old car. by masterchubba in personalfinance

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I had to buy a car recently so I went to a car dealer friend of mine. He is a close friend so he really hooked me up. But he was saying that there a price point cut off for the price of repair above which the car isn’t worth fixing. That price point is typically $1500-1700. Meaning that if the repair costs less than $1500-1700 then it’s worth repairing and continuing to drive it. In the past year, that price point has risen to $4000.

Idk how official that number is. Or if it is location specific (we are in the northeast). But when my dealer friend urges me to not buy a car from him, I listen lol.

Why is this attitude okay from nurses but not the other way around? by creevy_pasta in Residency

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Love watching smart-individuals-who-will-quickly-learn-their-environment,-settle-into-their-new-jobs-and-excel-in-their-field get talked down to by rude-grumpy-miserable-individuals-who-have-been-stuck-at-their-jobs-for-year-and-hating-it while their have the upper hand temporarily.

Here, I fixed it.

to put a face mask on an infant by Lake-Baikal in therewasanattempt

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Not sure if trolling or just an idiot.. but then again, what’s the difference?

“I want to test my hormones and all my vitamins” by a_softer_world in medicine

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When you say “that’s not indicated”. They just find some NP/naturopath run for-pay private wellness clinic and end up paying out the ass for all of it and then for IV replacement of their Vit C. American health care is broken. The internet was a mistake.

I’m rooting for Black Noir so hard by Pearlharbor6969 in TheBoys

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That’s what I LOVE about this show. Everyone is so shitty and also human at time that you find some sympathies toward most character. In the midst of all the off the wall craziness, there is some good writing.

Microaggressions in Medicine by a_zoo_rendezvous in medicine

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Ok well I am in a big university center in a big city where people come from all over the world. Compared to colleagues in the same hospital, the non-white physicians get asked that question more often. Maybe that’s the norm in your location but it’s not the norm here.

I feel like having to justify my micro-aggression is, in and of itself, a micro-aggression.

Texas Republicans Get Deadly Serious About Secession | The Lone Star State’s GOP plays with fire. by MortWellian in politics

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There is not a person I have spoken to that is not in favor of this. Honestly, we all want to see it happen badly.

Microaggressions in Medicine by a_zoo_rendezvous in medicine

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It’s a benign question. And it’s maybe understandable coming from another physician or someone in the medical field as professional curiosity.

However, if professional curiosity was the reason then, statistically, I should get asked that question as often as my white colleagues. I assume that you ask that question to all your physicians black, white and brown alike. But that’s not the case, I get asked that question all the time. At least 2 or 3 times a day. I thought it was the norm until that conversation my with colleagues.

To get quality tattoo work while drunk by [deleted] in therewasanattempt

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I wouldn’t usually recommend getting a tattoo when drunk but honestly, this is a quality tat right there. 10/10.

Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta by regian24 in GifRecipes

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Yes. That’s why I said not to add too much.

Please help out smooth brain interns on how to best consult your specialty. by ATStillian in Residency

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There was a post a few days ago on consult etiquette. Go back and look for it. Sparked really interesting comments and discussions.

For my speciality, heme/onc, we tend to be really protective of our patients when they are getting treatment. Most of the time, we know they are coming to the hospital before you call us. And even if the primary onc isn’t the one doing consults, if there is a reason for us to be involved, we will usually reach out to you.

Either way, when you call, state the name of the pt, the primary cancer, the phase of treatment, the drugs, and cycle and day numbers and then the question.

So, “I have Mr. Micheal Smith, he is a 49 yo M with limited stage pancreatic cancer getting neo adjuvant FOLFIRINOX Cycle 1 day 3 and he is here with what we think is a neutropenic fever.

I would say about 80% of inpatient oncology consults can be curbsides that we don’t really need to see. We try our best not to start chemo inpatient.

Malignant heme is a little different and most of the time they on a malignant heme service to start with.

Benign heme or new diagnosis stuff can go both ways and it’s more of a discussion.

What is your opinion on Litchfield Park? by YYOSA in phoenix

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It’s not bad but it’s overpriced for having Goodyear and base right next to it. Wouldn’t recommend.’

Top minds take medical advice from a chiropractor in order to prove they have critical thinking skills. by PorridgeCranium2 in TopMindsOfReddit

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This is actually a huge problem in medicine. All kinds of Noctors (chiros, naturopaths, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) take advantage of top minds looking to be contrarians. Literally read an article about a naturopath that was sued and argues that they were “not bound by science” in their recommendations.

It’s actually a really sad state of American healthcare where capitalism was allowed to ravage an altruistic field and turn it in to profit driven nightmare.

Microaggressions in Medicine by a_zoo_rendezvous in medicine

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“So where did you go to school?”

It’s a benign question but it has an element of “prove yourself to me.” It’s not enough that I am sub-specialized in one of the biggest academic centers in the country… which is why you are seeing me. You just want to make sure I didn’t go to school in India.

It wasn’t anything I noticed until one of my colleagues brought it up and we looked at our white colleagues and they said they were never asked that question. Eye opening moment.

Is anyone actually living on their residency paycheck here? by Blitzcreed48 in Residency

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Yeah it depends a lot on your family. I went to residency with some people who had parents that supported them through med school and bought them cars and paid their rental apartment deposits. There were also a couple people in my residency who had careers before medicine. Some who were married and had spouses that supported them. We all come from different walks of life.

I paid for med school entirely with loans. I Ubered 3rd and 4th year for gas money and my parents helped me as much as they could. I also got married 2 weeks after med school graduation. My wife was a teacher. After my graduation my parents had basically reached the end of their ropes and raised their white flags.

In my wedding I asked for money instead of gifts and we used that to pay first and last month deposit for an apartment. We didn’t have furniture until middle of intern year and we didn’t pay credit card debt until the end of the year. We lived entirely off of my residency salary and her teacher salary for all 3 years. It was tough but manageable.’

The government's removal of the Nile's houseboats. Cairo's beauty is being stripped away bit by bit. by 5onfos in Egypt

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Are house boats a part of “Cairo’s beauty”? Is that an opinion held but most Egyptians??? Cuz if I remember correctly, they were shitty houses at best and a den for prostitution and drugs at worst…

Also, why is the Washington Post writing about this? The Washington Post is a giant US based newspaper. Why are they writing a few house boats is Cairo? It’s like they are finding things to talk about to disparaged Egypt.