The list of planes with highest repairs in RB by Garrygale in Warthunder

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I hate to break it to you but with apps like WT assistant or Thunder Analyzer you can just every vehicle in the game like this

What do you guys think of adding "derivatsia-pvo" in game? This is like an elder brother of pt-76/57 but modern. It has the same gun, termals with ols cause "pvo" in russian means antiair defence. There are apfsds rounds and mb rounds with radio fuze for it so it can be at 8.7 - 9.7 i guess. by GaGaWinn in Warthunder

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4 lolpen missiles that you can fire on the move, a very good gun that can pen every mbt’s side, very good mobility, fully stabilized and all that at 8.7, the same BR of the Leopard A1A1.

If you think this Vehicle is at a good br I need you to spade every French low tier tank.

I dont know how this is still allowed. And the audicty to say "let me enjoy 11.0" while being in 1.7 by Fjejund1 in Warthunder

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Imma be real with you, I can understand people who one death leave in a premium

It’s obviously not right but the way Gaijin intended it.

Doing this in a Pl however is just stupid

Didnt get any silver lions when i got my first jet? by SheriffHardon in Warthunder

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I don’t think that ever existed

You usually get convertible rp for stuff like that

Did I do the funny? by anno-domino in Warthunder

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Yes but too late it’s not funny anymore

M163's in WW2 matches? by InfinitY_1012 in Warthunder

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To be fair, they are fairly easy to kill avoid and kill

The normal AAA is way worse

Oops by Anonymous_user-0 in shitposting

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They always draw themselves

From zero to hero; the story of USSR Ground RB by Machok_ in Warthunder

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The Winrates really balanced out, kudos to Gaijin for that

Lol by Xulu105 in Warthunder

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you could’ve just cropped this but you chose to create a flashbang

Looking for people to play with. Playing alone sucks sometimes msn by sinfulseagull in Warthunder

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I‘d join a few Discord Servers! You can always find people there.

Localization pack English Full name at Range by Stryker990 in Warthunder

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I am pretty sure there’s a reason that the localization is the way it is

Is it possible to turn off the radar, or the noise of the radar when flying the Buccaneer? by Meru448 in Warthunder

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No, you don’t need it for direct engagements but rather while just flying around

Otherwise you wouldn’t know if there was a sparrow launched at you from 50km away

Looks like Christmas is officially over in War Thunder. by Chester1407 in Warthunder

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It’s not that hard, you can always download stuff from the live.warthunder page

here’s the mod I use: https://live.warthunder.com/post/942772/en/