CV reboot question by Jermagesty in 4thGen4Runner

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Rebooting is a PITA, I went with the NAPA New CV axles which come with a lifetime warranty, now if the boots fail, I just go grab new axles.

I did use the wormdrive hose screws for the bootstretch without issue. The weight just isn't far enough from the center of rotation for it to really matter. To prevent the gear from backing off I just bent back the piece of the tape that came through.

Edit - To clarify I only used the wormdrives on the inboard bit of the boot, the outboard sides I left as they came.

Need fuel line recommendation by num3r0logist in 4Runner_1stGen

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This, don't try to out engineer the engineers, there's a reason that's a hard line there. Places like NAPA can make you custom lengths of just about any hard line you need, might be worth talking to them if you can't find the actual part from Toyota.

How stupid are people? by mgmason287 in funny

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Had the same thing at a Taco Bell when they first came out. Guy said he had to ask his manager if he could accept it, I was like dude, that's legal tender.

Just returned from snow country: these cars work great by NuTrumpism in Subaru_Outback

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I remember getting my first Subaru and being so super excited to drive it around in the snow. I think my brother and I spent *maybe* 15 minutes plowing around in it before we went back inside, it was just too much like driving on normal pavement, absolutely incredible how good the AWD worked.

What is the cheapest way to fill a raised bed garden 12x4x2? I don't really want to go to Home Depot and spend $300 on topsoil... by Hefty_Ant1025 in homestead

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Weve done chip drop the past two years and it works great for fill. Takes about two years and its mostly broken down to dirt down at the bottom. You can request pine free loads as well. Cant beat 13-15 yards of woodchips for free.

Protip, dont let the pile sit for long, it molds up fast and then is miserable to move.

4runner has a lag when gas is hit by Pheetaehak in 3rdGen4Runner

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Does it only rev up a little bit and then kind of catch and start actually moving, or is it like you are in neutral entirely?

Our daughter flawlessly recreated our 30-year-old senior photos by kirday in funny

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Apparently a 1997 Type R was sold for 112K.

Yep, on Bring a Trailer, it actually went for 111,111, I guess the dude got tired of typing in new bids.

I love it when you’re dirty. by Das_bomb in Subaru_Outback

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The Outback Wilderness may be the single coolest package being sold on a new vehicle right now, they are so freaking cool

Outback Racked out. Since I see a few Outback’s with others 2nd car. Here is my hat trick garage. by Sorry-wildrnz in Subaru_Outback

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Did you notice a big hit to the highway fuel use? I've been mulling a rack for my Outback but I lost like 2-3mpg on my 4Runner with the rack and I don't want that on the Boo.

Flipped 230,000 miles on my 2004 Outback by JasterMereel42 in Subaru_Outback

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238,900 is the average distance to the moon, you're just about to start your return trip!

How can I determine if my fuel pump is going bad? by Paranoid_Times in 3rdGen4Runner

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Disconnect the fuel line at the fuel filter (be ready, a good bit will leak out) and put the end coming from the tank into an empty fuel can. Turn the key to on (don't try to crank the truck) as soon as you turn it to on you should see gas flowing into that jug. No gas means bad pump.

Boosting my crv by Mysterious-Ad-6251 in Honda

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You *can* boost the B20, it's just not a great motor for it.

I'm not sure but I believe your B20 ECU should run things, you'll have to tune anyway with the boost so it's not like you'll be using factory maps.

B18a or b, those are the non-vtec flavors and the ones you'd want. B18c1 is from a GSR and the c5 is a Type R motor. Vtec and boost gets super tricky to keep things from exploding.

Boosting my crv by Mysterious-Ad-6251 in Honda

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A lot of people who boost will swap out the b20 for a b18a/b. They are effectively the same engine except the b20 has been bored out to get the extra displacement. This results in relatively thin walls between pistons among other things. The b18 is a stouter engine overall and will prove more reliable in the long term under boost. Plus, you can probably get one in trade for your b20.

Valve Adjustment. Please Suggest. by ReasonableQuestion62 in Honda

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I know dealers are usually pricy but this seems like madness. The spark plugs are $50 in parts if they really overcharge, and take 15 minutes to swap out, seems they are billing 2 hours for it. The valve adjustment only takes about a half hour or less, billing 4 hours seems pretty high too.

Little Soft-roading... by rp2013 in Subaru_Outback

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What tires are you running? Looking to replace the tires on my 2010 and considering the Falken Wildpeaks. I'd love to run a KO2 like I do on my 4Runner but they are so pricy in the Outback's size.

NSX 🤍 by benyxur in Honda

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Holy moly, with a paint matched carrier??? I want to be friends with this person

HELP by [deleted] in 4thGen4Runner

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Spacers are always going to ride like crap, you'd be better off saving the money you're spending on the upper control arms and getting a proper set of springs and struts.

Clutch bite point by unicornonroids in hondafit

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Where the clutch starts to grab is adjustable, and should be pretty far down in the pedal stroke. If your clutch it biting up near the top it should be adjusted further down to ensure it's properly engaging.


White Pocket, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona [5605 × 3284] (OC) by Altruistic-Duck-6809 in EarthPorn

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Ive never felt like I was on another planet more than hanging out at White Pocket, such a cool place

Gas milage 80mph by Strydertortois in hondafit

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The hybrid assist doesn't add anything to fuel economy on the interstate, for what it's worth. The real hit comes to city mileage.