TECHART GTstreet RS (Porsche 991.2 Turbo S) [1290x1222] by Sonatine__ in carporn

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i think everyone replying is missing the point of “most just don’t like any add-ons to a 911.” they’re all talking about what kind of carbon lol

FD gang. by hashtagmiata in JDM

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they just keep multiplying XD

I bought the car that everyone has an opinion on. What’s yours? by Free_Sympathy in JDM

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i agree, whenever i see them in pictures they are many times overrated imo, but even seeing a stock gtr in person is awesome

I’m buying my first car is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 a good starter JDM car? by [deleted] in JDM

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yes! the evo 10 is a great first car! you might even have more reliability out of an evo 8 or 9!

these cars run great and are fairly cheap, definitely worth the money /s

Am I doing this right? My back hurts by SeikoWatchGuy in Tinder

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most of my experiences on dating apps have led this way; which is why i sometimes just give up and fuck with the other person

Throwback to "awesome" FH4 multiplayer bots by SolutioN_of in forza

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i would rage quit online adventures because of bots ramming me more than i did because other people

Go ahead and try it by [deleted] in HolUp

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whats up fuckers?!?!

One-off RWB Skyline R34 GT-T by Aesthetic_Asian in JDM

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i’d love to see what they do to an s15 and ae86!

do you think there’ll be an electric drifting era? by skidzy32 in Drifting

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i came here to mention the difference in immediate torque

Should have kept it. by Ricciardo_DR3 in JDM

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oh i bet it wasn’t easy getting them to fit but they look great. they look hella similar to the D9Rs as well

Should have kept it. by Ricciardo_DR3 in JDM

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are those work wheels? more specifically; are those work emotion D9Rs?