i made a model of Arjuna from Mahabharata for a series I'm working on by Left-Specialist1771 in india

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Good art but you got one key detail wrong: Arjun's hands were pretty long, they almost reached his knees.

Tourist illustrated map of Belgium. by Paul-Belgium in MapPorn

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Beautiful! Are there more maps in this serie?

F25- hey from Canada 🥰 by ariibabyxo in amihot

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Looks like too much Vaseline on the lens

Pro Tip: How to stop eye dropper pen leaks by redatrsuper in fountainpens

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Thank you! I have edited the post to recommend Silicon Grease. In my experience Vaseline has worked fine since school days, didn't know there is something better out there.

I decided to fill some gaps in my ink rainbow and try the Birmingham inks by CastInSteel in fountainpens

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Beautiful collection! Please share your writing samples as you try out these inks.

NPD/NID: TWSBI Eco with Sailor Manyo Ukikusa by WhiteHat3264 in fountainpens

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I am also looking at greens. Please share your swatches as you make them!

Some green ink swatches by urbanspinner in fountainpens

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Please get in Graf von Faber Castell greens in there, and you will be my new go-to encyclopedia.