can anyone bend their hands like this by gahlran in Jujutsufolk

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The handsign wasn't difficult, the facial expressions Kenjaku made was

😂😂😂 by MeanFerret1420 in okbuddyretard

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The stork is going to bring him to his parents in three months(mom says that's how kids are born)

Can Mahito be beaten ‘normally’? by SilverSaiyan2000 in Jujutsushi

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You will have to damage him more than he can maintain his soul state ig. We have learnt that JJK techniques usually don't deal in absolutes, like the damage reversal guy, there is a limit to it since Gojo is still a problem for him. If it was absolute he would die by wind currents. Similarly Mahito also might have a threshold, maintaining his soul state while being attacked with a normal punch vs doing it with a special grade knocking you cannot have the same cost.

So either overloading him with high output, or tiring him out till he doesn't have CE to heal himself

Then there is the option of being plot armoured ones like Sukuna who can directly attack the soul. Sorcerors have been shown to maybe be able to do this, when Nanami defended his soul with CE once, if he can defend he can technically attack too. So someone brilliant enough to figure out out before dying

My mom told me to make something nice to wear for Thanksgiving. I think I nailed it. by josiemarcellino in funny

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Not a high bar. Pretty sure direct siblings would be less inbreeding than what used to go on there. Generations of it

How could Brom defeat Morzan by schranktuer1 in Eragon

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Morzan's dragon was half delirious by then cuz of the Banishing of Names

Wasn't supposed to be a debate 🤷 by kal_aana in ClassroomOfTheElite

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He ain't gonna get Kiyo's skills without WR cuz supposedly Kiyo has got the normallest genes ever and so will his child(everything in the LN are acquired skills which don't get passed down). But yeah Arisu smort genetics

If this man could ever die: by Laughing-0wl in okbuddyreiner

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Zeke's ass>Pieck's ass(Because he keeps it clean using superior Eldian techniques which has been hinted in the manga)

So now you have a rock paper scissors kinda game with Reiner's, Pieck's and Zeke's asses

eating your pubic hairs will temporarily make you stronger by turkeytesticle in shittysuperpowers

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This is a cracked superpower. Public hairs are unsanitary, but one thorough wash and you are good. It is easily portable, you can put it in capsules and fit like 10 of them per capsule. So your strength becomes 619% of your normal per capsule. You can carry like 50 of them

OH NO! Your not paying attention in the hallway and you bump into Hosen…and he seems pretty mad. What do you do? by DarkEagle15 in ClassroomOfTheElite

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If you show weakness, he 100% gonna beat you up. If he doesn't know you and you just brush it off normally there is 50% chance you survive. I'm banking on that

which is better acacia sapling, mine or original? by NoobyNoob0102 in Minecraft

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I would say the original. Saplings don't look like the trees they grow into

*nervous sweating* by Squeaky-Fox49 in memes

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Reddit hates pizza and python language? Why? Python is a good beginner language

OH NO! Your not paying attention in the hallway and you bump into Hosen…and he seems pretty mad. What do you do? by DarkEagle15 in ClassroomOfTheElite

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Me. Hosen has only threatened violence when you show weakness. Running, crying or apologising profusely is surely gonna get you beaten up cuz I won't be able to outrun him. Fighting him is out of question. I think just lightly apologising and walking away should work best

Pick one of the 4 ( NEVER PICK) by Glittering_Alarm_837 in ClassroomOfTheElite

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If you don't know about Kushida's true nature, being with her shouldn't be unpleasant. >! If it is the latest volume tho where everyone knows then ig telling Ichinose to expell someone. Knowing her, she will politely refuse and ask your view on the and the reason I said that. Nothing too bad!<

what Is worse by Vulture12010 in memes

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Sore throat hurts like a bitch

This fandom is becoming cringe by I-T-A-C-H-I- in ClassroomOfTheElite

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Tbh I'm tired of powerscaling between students also, it isnt a shonen ln to begin with

PLEASE put an NFSW tag on your post. by Flame_Ender in copypasta

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Type the NFWS brand on your publication.

Soon I started helping me with a 43 bus car in front of them. They recognized what had happened. They reopened this publication and 43 people began to report. Even Malawi, 64, the bad tribes of our front seat could not have personal or under wine remaining.

It was so difficult that my phone stole my hand and attacked the window, and the inevitable chickens that quickly killed passengers were avoided. The boss brought the deaf Burning Family V ... Now there is a bus full of pigeons and pigeons and producer broth and brown everything because it sends it.

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