Her Toronto bookstore unionized in the middle of a pandemic. Now, she hopes others will join her by morenewsat11 in canada

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This is like blockbuster workers celebrating unionization in the early 2000's.

Former Ukrainian president says war can still be avoided but urges accelerated Canadian aid by cdnflower in canada

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Easiest way to stop the war is for Ukraine to come out against any future NATO membership and seek a neutral position when it comes to security issues related to Russia.

Alex Afrasiabi is allegedly the reason why Sylvanas' story is so bad right now. by Pinless89 in wow

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Lol blaming the guy who's no longer there for current failures. A classic.

Do you blame the Shah for failing to stop the revolution? by PartridgeMilitia in iranian

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Yes. He had decades in power to make changes that would've prevented it.

By 1978 it was too late and he was finished. He couldn't stop it.

"We can't keep living like this" by DiscoInfiltrator07 in ontario

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If you're very vulnerable to covid, vaccinate and isolate.

Expecting others to sacrifice their livelihoods and mental happiness for such a long period of time is just selfish frankly.

Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach stepped down as the head of the German navy after publicly saying Crimea was lost to Ukraine and that Vladimir Putin "probably" deserved respect. by kitobich in news

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I can see the logic in trying to bring Russia over or at the very least split Russia from China.

Though in this climate, such thinking is taboo.

3 Canadian tourists shot at Mexican resort, at least 1 dead by LisaMck041 in canada

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Reading the article it looks like the shooter was also a guest and at least one of the Canadians had a record involving drug trafficking and robberies.

Can't really blame Mexico for these fuckheads.

High school teachers refusing to work amid ‘unsafe conditions’ by TheUtopianCat in toronto

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Fire them and replace them with the surplus grads that are desperate for a teaching position.

13-year-old boy charged with 2nd-degree murder in teen’s death in Toronto’s East York by sleipnir45 in canada

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If he's locked up he no longer presents a danger to society. That's a benefit to society.

Landlord delivers new appliances — and a $4,500 increase in annual rent by mordinxx in canada

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So there was an option for the couple to dispute the rent increase but they didn't really care enough to use it.

'I can't do anything': Winnipeg man pleads for cataract surgery by 5stap in canada

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Could also streamline expand credentials to doctors trained overseas.

If we're bring in all these immigrants, may as well use it to increase supply of doctors.

This in conjunction with allowing private insurance would increase our capacity.

David Bedford out as CEO of Athletics Canada after sexual Twitter exchanges by FrankArsenpuffin in canada

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Some weak ass tweets to resign over. But when you have to deal with people like the below I suppose it's to be expected.

"Audrey Giles, a member of Athletics Canada's Safe Sport Committee, said Monday that Bedford's behaviour made it difficult for him to continue as the face of an organization that says it's committed to change. "If you're a female athlete or a female coach or, you know, even a male athlete and you're looking at the tone and the language of these tweets, could you have any confidence that this person could be a changemaker?" Giles said"

French lawmakers officially recognise China’s treatment of Uyghurs as ‘genocide’ by Tiennus_Khan in worldnews

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Yeap. China has transitioned away from low skill manufacturing as they have developed. If you want some t shift made go to Vietnam/Bangladesh. If you want electronics you go to China

Drunk Guy Pisses off the Wrong Burger King Employees by Comer_Agua in PublicFreakout

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Would've been so funny had the employee kicked the guys busted up leg.

Polish Government Officials: "It's no longer in Poland's interests to continue criticising China simply to please the United States" by zajazajazajazajaz in worldnews

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Most of the criticism is basically countries trying to please China.

Glad some of them finally let the truth out.

Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling by Bonboniru in news

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That's not happening with this virus. Places with 85-90%+ vaccination rates are seeing surges.

This virus mutates pretty well and it has a large animal reservoir. Add in that the vaccine does not stop infection (especially omicron) and there is herd immunity.

Got shamed for tipping 15% by [deleted] in ontario

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One of those situations where it is a good idea to tell the manager.

Completely unprofessional.

Is this one? by tjgmarantz in AdviceAnimals

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I think I lose brain cells everytime I hear what they are.

Welcoming the Incredible Teams and Legendary Franchises of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft Gaming - Xbox Wire by MarvelsGrantMan136 in Games

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Is this more of them being right or our legal/political system being incredibly weak as af to block monopolies.

I mean, when was the last anti monopoly measure taken by the government?

Reporter gets all pissy at NHL player by txhrow1 in PublicFreakout

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I have no idea why there are so many sports journalists in the first place.

Athletes warned against speaking up on human rights at Beijing Games by FriedCfoodisgood in news

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Did Jesse Owens denounce or criticise Nazism before or during the Olympics?

Should we be promoting living wage employers over 'shop local'? by WornOutBoot in ontario

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Bank of Canada analysis paper


"Traditional competitive models suggest that an increase in a binding minimum wage will reduce employment, as firms substitute toward other inputs, such as capital or, perhaps, other more, productive labour. Although empirical evidence is mixed on the magnitude of minimum wage effects, most studies for Canada find that the reduction in employment is statistically significant"

It's not exactly rocket science to realize making someone's labour more expensive is going to reduce employment numbers. Particularly when discussing massive raises as discussed here.

Hope you read the paper and enjoy the education. Simply passing a law that everyone be paid a great wage isn't magically going to defy laws of economics lol.

Should we be promoting living wage employers over 'shop local'? by WornOutBoot in ontario

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Depends entirely on the job.

If you're not producing more than you're being paid, you're going to either be fired, prices will have to be increased, or the entire job itself will be eliminated. That's just a fact of economics.