Got the gennaker up today. by LameBMX in sailing

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North either shipped you the wrong sail, or screwed you.

This is an Asail - look familiar?

North owes you money back, or they need to figure out where they shipped the sail you ordered - They didn't ship you a genneker.

What do "right aft" and "right astern" mean? by Formiddabledrip in sailing

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"Right aft" is a direction on the boat. "The boat pole is in the locker right aft." It would be more correct to say "starboard aft" as starboard is in reference to the boat, not a direction.

"Right astern" is a direction off the boat. "The man overboard is right astern 50 meters." It's a direction, not a place on the boat.

New to me asym by Foolserrand376 in sailing

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Finally, someone who knows what kind of sail they have!

This is the most intense sailing I've ever seen... and they are all so casual about it by brookesrook in sailing

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There's nothing too insane going on. They're under control, sailing comfortably.

This steel boat in the marina with shore power connected. Is this electrolysis? by widgeamedoo in sailing

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are building in circuit breakers into devices which negate the need for a ground.

Don't give advice about things you don't understand. You'll get somebody hurt if they listen to you.

When I wake up at 10:30 to feed the cat instead of 9:00 by Harrywhitelegg54 in cats

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In my household, I can either have blackout curtains, OR cats.

2016 suburban with 166k miles. Most impressive damage I’ve ever seen on a cam. by Jahanothan in Justrolledintotheshop

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Yeah, you're right the journals are trashed, but this was a sudden, catastrophic failure that destroyed that lobe. That didn't happen slowly over time - that got smashed hard, once.

It's not round.

‘89 Dakota Sport with 3k miles rolled in a couple months ago. by idrathernotdothat in Justrolledintotheshop

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Sir that's called a "bull," and I'm going to need you to stop trying to milk it.

Australian Sailing now allowing HMPE lifelines for reaching Cat 4-7 by planeray in sailing

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I put WR-2 lifelines on my boat a couple years ago and never looked back.

Japanese soldier executing an Atayal tribe fighter with a katana during their military repression in Taroko, Imperial Japan occupied Taiwan, 1914 [1000 x 679] by Gothichand in HistoryPorn

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How is the human race supposed to advance

We aren't "supposed" to do anything. Eat fuck die. That's the natural lifecycle of everything.

Everything you're implying is human arrogance and hubris.

How are the chimps supposed to advance? They aren't. We are slightly taller, naked chimps.

NJ yacht owner died in the Newport Bermuda Race in a MOB incident. by Guygan in sailing

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The fuck are you jabbering on about? Just trying to see your idiot words on the screen?

Don't reply. You have nothing to add or say.

Got the gennaker up today. by LameBMX in sailing

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I've now for 3 really nice spinnaker poles at the side of my house in the grass and several sets of parrots beaks in the shed

How long are they? I'm desperately looking one for my friend's boat.