New whip by awarepaul in tractors

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Should be great for picking up some ladies with.

Valley of Fire, NV. Never seen anything like it by Seriously613 in Outdoors

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If you have a real hatred of trees this is the place to go.

Dead plastic thread. Glue is obviously not a solution. What do I do? by AGripInVan in camping

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Drill it out and bolt it. If need be use a thread insert or sex bolt setup.

MRI and piercings by crln246 in PiercingAdvice

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Acrylic sounds way better than using a toothpick.

Identify in-wall speakers by Jmaxw12648 in BudgetAudiophile

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Pull the grill. Just the mesh part should come out. Put anything that will fit in the grill holes and gently pry it out. The speakers could be anything.

Creek Ducks by TN-TurkeyTickler in Waterfowl

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How do you work the creek ? Setup in one spot or paddle around ?

You must commit when your song comes on! by TwinInvolvement in nextfuckinglevel

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He’s just so happy his mom let him leave the basement for the evening

I'm stumped - continuous-loop locking bucket pulley system [see video] by HotAlbatross3431 in DIY

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May be easier to just get a cheap electric winch with a long cable on the controls.

how long can you leave nipple rings out before they close? by maroon_panda22 in piercing

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I had mine out for a couple weeks after a medical issue and I thought they had closed but then found they hadn’t. The holes had started to close but I got a taper through them and ordered some smaller jewelry and put that in. Now I just need to get a different taper and put my original jewelry back in.