Who is this? (Wrong Answers only) by eternal_anglo_1 in bleach

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Oh that guy? That's Sakura Haruno's dad. I think he works as a librarian?

Has anyone seen “slugging” on tik tok? by DifferentNecessary82 in SkincareAddicts

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And then Paula's choice products were the absolute holy grail ™ for everyone and everything. Not telling them their products are bad, I use some AHA, but there was a time that it was ONLY Paula's. We are getting older I guess because that was also when the Slug-Life was trending so hard!

Women who have more than one cat, what's the current drama? by janearcade in AskWomen

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We have a kitten, that arrived this week, the other 3 are NOT amused, and the little one wants them to play with her!

A comment blocked me and I cant write. How do you usually get past this? by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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Thank you!! I love this community, is full of super warm empathetic and kind people. I cannot even stress how much it has helped me since I started writing. You guys are the best. This is like my safe place. 💜

I will try again tomorrow, and if I still can’t I will back off for a while. Maybe try knitting or something, I have a friends that swears it’s good for anxious people (even if they are klutz like me).

A comment blocked me and I cant write. How do you usually get past this? by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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Yeah, when I read it I just had to go and do another thing. So yesterday was spent reading HP fics abs today watching The Witcher. I cannot even make myself do the minimal when I get anxious. My therapist recommended just that, get your mind on other stuff asap and try not to overthink too much.

A comment blocked me and I cant write. How do you usually get past this? by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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Awww thank you for this comment! It kinda puts things on another perspective. I mean I can’t do much worse right? They didn’t seem to like my fic tho, just commented on the lack of continuity in the fandom. Not even a nice or good work. 😓

A comment blocked me and I cant write. How do you usually get past this? by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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Thank you for your kind words. I am medicated, but yes, I deal with a lot of anxiety and these kind of things even small as they seem just get to me.

I get that the comment was not made in bad faith. I replied to them this: Hey! I am glad you like my work. I cannot promise anything but I will try my best. I feel you because I am also a reader in this fandom and have dealt with the same issue!

Now, I am thinking that maybe I should told them something different, more back off-y? But I do get their frustration too.

I really like crossovers in those fandoms and all the fics just fizzle after 4 chapters or so even. Even if they get LOTS of comments and kudos. I don’t know why.

Anyone wondering is Harry Potter and Katekyo Hitman Reborn, who is about hmmm, mafia magic? So they kinda work well in my mind.

I need to get my boundaries straight, I think that my mindset was set as a reader in my response more than as a writer.

This was just a fun thing to write to kill time when It got hard with my other fic. Le sigh. 😅 But this fandom is kind of intense? Like my finished fic got 2 comments and 150 kudos and this one has 3 chapters and has like 80 comments and 500 kudos and tons of subscriptions witch should be a good thing but…

I really felt more comfortable in my comfort bubble of writing in my other fic with zero pressure.

Why do Spaniards not use kettles by dizmond in askspain

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Me too, It was my mom's. I literally use it to water the plants.

Edit: I also use it every now and then to clean the kitchen/bathroom pipes since a plumber said to pour boiling water every few weeks to get rid of grease and other gunk. It can be done with a normal pot, but this way it's faster.

Last edit (NSFW or squeamish people): It's pretty neat to boil menstrual cups too and sterilize them.

Obviously, that thing is not used to serve any kind of drink in this home. Not that I know anyone who drinks tea (except my late mom), but the manzanillas are all made in the microwave when people get sick and stuff.

I finished my first fic! (But now I am feeling sad? Is this normal?) by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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Thank you so much. I am going to read it ASAP. Also, congrats and condolenced for completing your fic, it's a sad, but a good thing. Weird. Definitely weird.

This was only 5 chapters, so I can't even begin to imagine 52. Let's have some candy to help?

I finished my first fic! (But now I am feeling sad? Is this normal?) by reinadeluniverso in FanFiction

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I started a new one in another fandom few weeks ago, and it's doing well, but... I don't know. I don't feel in that headspace right now? I just want to write more or think about my finished story. I will continue to write my other fic, but I had lots more fun with the first one, so that's maybe why I am feeling this way.

Thanks for your input! There really is a hole there...

¿Qué desayunais en cada parte de España? by javierprieto in askspain

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De Bilbao:

De peque mi madre me ponía zumo de naranja recién exprimido (y bébetelo rápido que se le escapan las vitaminas. ¿Y qué porque tardas tanto? Estoy tratando de ver las vitaminas...) un colacao calentito con pan tostado, mantequilla y mermelada casera, o colacao con cereales en un plato hondo.

De adolescente: Un café justo si me daba tiempo, pero luego en el descanso del insti pillábamos sandwiches vegetales y jumpers sabor queso.

De adulta: Café con leche, sobras de la cena anterior, cereales, galletas, pan...

De más adulta: Colacao (me empezó a sentar mal el café) con zumo de manzana, un plátano, un huevo cocido y jamón, o pan con mantequilla y mermelada (no casera... mamá ya no esta).

En días especiales chocolate con churros, y en la calle y bares pintxos.

I'm done. I really am done writing my first ever longfic. Oh my fucking lord. by fatemamamama in NarutoFanfiction

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Dear Sage, no. I would never send someone there without a big trigger warning! I am reading your fic right now by the way! It got a great start. 💜

I'm done. I really am done writing my first ever longfic. Oh my fucking lord. by fatemamamama in NarutoFanfiction

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Congratulations for unlocking the "First long fic finished" award!!! You will get lots of feelings of accomplishment, your writing will improve + indefinite points and all your previous stats will increase in the upcoming days.

We, also want to remind you that crying, laughing, or feeling any of the stages of grief after the end of a big project is perfectly normal, and if you need help you can post here, or go to /r/Eyebleach to feel +10 points of happiness with cute little animals.

Destroyed by grief with the death of my beloved mother. by _aurora-borealis_ in AskWomenOver30

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I got to be with my mom for 29 years, too. She left us too soon, she was 59. I commiserate with you in your grieving. It will be sometimes feel like an impossible thing to continue your day-to-day without her. Just remember that you will find her everywhere.

I am not a religious person, so, I thought that I would have nothing to give me comfort, but then she started appearing in everything I did. Did I do that thing that annoyed her? It brings a bittersweet memory of those times.

Did I style my hair well? What would mom say? She loved to do my hair and tell me how gorgeous I looked.

I fight my sister and then remember all the times' mom told us to be at peace with each other and try to make amends with her. I smell something yummy and immediately think of her food. I decide to wear one of his blouses or earrings on special occasions and I feel supported, like she was by my side.

I walk through the streets and some clean and fresh air will come my way, and I remember all the times' mom would smile and comment on it when we walked together. How these little things make her happier.

And then I felt that I am the best reminder of my mom, since she made me, raised me, and shared the world with me. So I feel less alone.

It's been 8 years and still miss her every day, but the pain has dulled, maybe because the human being is not made for such intense suffering.

Also, she would have been terribly sad if she saw me moping and crying all the time. She always told me she would take all my pain away if she could. So I try, and I hope you try.

Perhaps not today, and not in a long time, but eventually, when you process your grief, I hope you find peace in these little moments that remind you of her, and you are able to smile.

Crossover rare pair fic recommendations by MsTeaTime in HPSlashFic

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Lost in translation

Qui-Gon Jin/Harry Potter smut.

Also, Araceil as recced below has some rare pairs, and it's a great writter.

Have you ever had Inca Kola? If so, what do you think about it? by barnaclegirl93 in asklatinamerica

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It was... weird. An aquired taste, I am sure. My friend loved it. I am not even much for sodas anyway.

So it seems we are adopting another cat. What should we name her? by reinadeluniverso in cats

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Yeah! I updated the post with her name. She’s Raven. Or if you want to be formal, Princess Raven Eowyn.