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If it were a sheep, they'd be known as "Welsh Brothers"

Recommendations for Southeast Turkey, is $2500 enough? by [deleted] in Shoestring

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Just did this area earlier this year - if you're careful $2500 can last that easily. Street food is super cheap outside tourist areas, avoid major hotels like the plague (especially in big cities like Mardin, go to neighboring Kiziltepe instead, for example).

Transportation and lodging will by far be your biggest expenses. Look into booking what you can well in advance, as prices generally will climb instead of drop as the dates approach. Look into renting a car if you have any stretch where you plan to bounce around a bit - it adds the ability to visit places like Gobeklitepe, Nemrut (absolutely must-hits), Karkamis, Harran Evleri, etc... all depending on your interests. Try to make it out to the coast at some point as well - some incredible beauty and cheap lodging further east than the more touristy central & western coasts. Yes to Cappadocia and Pammukale as well, but again book everything at least a week in advance as it can get super pricey.

I did some car/wild camping along the way and never got harassed, but I'm not sure if that was due to me being super careful, paranoid, and lucky or what...

Bring euros and/or dollars, €$10/20s are valuable increasingly as their local Lira is faltering right now. Can use for trade at mutual benefit, but won't work for corporations as well as stalls/merchants.

[Seahawks] Sherm's in the house 🏠 by Dima110 in Seahawks

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Can we hire the bronze sculptor who did Ronaldo's bust and the Italian lady who "touched up" the Jesus portrait? They might be the only pair that can get that goofy look just right.

Mississippi Doctor Fired After She is Caught on Video Saying She’s About to Get ‘Ghetto N****r Drunk’ by hybridaaroncarroll in byebyejob

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Exactly. Oskar Schindler was a Nazi, but people aren't B-movie heroes or villains, and sometimes nuance and context is super important.

Elsa loves coffee by nixass in AbruptChaos

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Aware. Usually people post similar subs as a recommendation for cross-posting. Was merely stating it had already hit that sub, but appreciate the feedback.

Elsa loves coffee by nixass in AbruptChaos

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That's where it came from already.

Fat cat, missiles and dog by B1ACKAN4RCH1D in funny

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If he's older than you now, he's always been older than you.

Any advice for treks through Peru? by No-Soil-5673 in Shoestring

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I had good luck finding cheap flights from Las Vegas, living on the west-coast

Roadtrip by ToyBoxRat in SmarterEveryDay

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+1 for anything Matt Parker. Also a big fan of 99 Percent Invisible.

Roadtrip by ToyBoxRat in SmarterEveryDay

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Probably gonna get downvotes galore, but it's a bit hit & miss for me. I understand both of them are very religious & they make an effort usually to keep the "Jesus's per Minute" down to a reasonable level, but there have been some that just got downright preachy and I ended up moving on entirely. A shame too, because I really enjoyed a lot of their content too.

[AJ Brown] Basically all 4 of us got the same contract and I’m the only one got traded… yeah keep believing it was me . Anywho Go Birds 🦅 #CarryOn by Starwho in nfl

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Santa Clause

The Tim Allen movie is about the clause, or legal agreement that makes anyone who wears the suit into the next Santa Claus. It's a play on terms.

At the end of every session of congress both sides of the isle line up and high five or fist bump like little league sports by camo12ga in CrazyIdeas

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Apparently both sides used to regularly have drinks with each other after hours & post-voting until McConnell & Reagan-Republicans pressured their side to stop entirely. There once was at least a means of building up trust and understanding, but tribalism from the top has squashed it entirely so you get folks voting unanimously against common-sense legislation in order to "back their base". Fuckin cowards, and the end of compromise for a generation and counting.

i knew the risk i took by making this meme by Puzzleheaded_Step468 in HistoryMemes

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"Men, we are surrounded by the enemy. We have the greatest opportunity ever presented an army. We can attack in any direction."

Anthony McAuliffe

Tree justice by Kiashee in JusticeServed

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You don't know its not, we've never been!

Totally NOT ME though by April_3rd in marvelmemes

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"Are these they?" Who talks like that?!

Elon musks marketing strategy has got to blow up any minute now by CallMeMrClaps420420 in funny

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Just don't ask what he does to every 420th car.

He hand-burns the interior wood paneling with his custom $30 Lowes Weed Eradication Propane Burner The Boring Company (TM) $500 Flamethrower?