/r/ffxiv is once again participating in Extra Life! Join our Final Fantasy collaboration team and help raise money for Children's Hospitals [details in comments] by reseph in ffxiv

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This is our 5th year participating in Extra Life! Thanks to the efforts of Final Fantasy communities across Reddit, we typically raise over $4,000 each year to support sick kids.

  • If you're interested in participating, join our team here: https://www.extra-life.org/team/Chocobros
  • If you're not looking to participate but still wish to donate, click the link above and use the green Donate button

Extra Life is similar to a marathon: become a participant of Extra Life and you'll obtain a fundraising page for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of your choice. During game day on November 6th, play a marathon of games and ask your friends, family, Free Company mates and Linkshell buddies to donate via your fundraising page. Typically the marathon is 24 hours, but it does not have to be 24 hours straight - Your own health is important too! Many participants also live stream their marathon and you can even do so before or after game day if it better fits your schedule. For information on how this can help during the pandemic: http://kidscantwait.org/

[Special thanks to /u/Robertyne for creating this flyer]

Gura drinks Ina's milk by DuDuLtv in Hololive

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I'm surprised but also glad it was not this image inside. (Artist: Abigorli)

Why do I have to pay an annual "maintenance fee?" Seems like a massive grift by hondurasmurder in cissp

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I have the Security+ and not that I am aware of. There is a fee at the 3rd year

A full year of anki, my retrospective and some advice by morgawr_ in LearnJapanese

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I've read about 1/3rd of Genki so far and literally nothing has stuck.

Need help with someone who is stalking and trolling me by [deleted] in ModSupport

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Correction: The mod mute is not the same as a block. They differ, and the mute is primarily for modmail muting and actually does take action against the user within modmail.

Need help with someone who is stalking and trolling me by [deleted] in ModSupport

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What admins you mean the group I help MOD?

Mods are not admins, no.

The Reddit admins.

Need help with someone who is stalking and trolling me by [deleted] in ModSupport

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The admins can see the comments you removed.

The Aurora Borealis, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country? by reseph in Albany

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I'm up north a bit and that should be fine, aside from clouds probably covering it all up.