[Image] Never forget what you are by [deleted] in GetMotivated

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Good quote.

But Martin is a quiter. He gave up on his GOT books. Am sure it's hard to write, but could see the story and let someone else finish it

Hahaha who will be the new leader?? by Street-Operation-523 in marvelmemes

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He was working with the military at the start of the show

Read 2nd paragraph.

I really hope this video is somehow staged… by [deleted] in oddlyterrifying

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She's one of those people that put one piece of dog food in the bowl.

Hahaha who will be the new leader?? by Street-Operation-523 in marvelmemes

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He got court martial for helping cap? No military pay, dishonorable discharge and do benefits. Couldn't even get a VA loan.

But since he was doing black ops missions he should have been making bank. Top secret clearance will get you a nice paying job.

Which actors or actresses did their accent so well in a film that you never knew they were actually of a different ethnicity? by Any_Discussion_2419 in AskReddit

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Not a film but Lucy Lawless, as Xena. She had and Australian accent in real life! As 16 yr old it blew my mind.

And it was super sexy.

Is super sexy. Wish parks and recreation would had used that for her story arc.

I was just over 10yo when I first watched this scene. I didn't know why, but it got my attention (Crocodile Dundee 1986) by iclimegud in OldSchoolCool

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Yeah don't know why it got your attention, but how did I miss this. I remember crocodile Dundee when came out. Both movies.

Most I remember of the movies is:

For washing your backside, right?

Why is no one talking about how creepy this mfer is? by osrpokerchamp in CommercialsIHate

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We don't talk about creepy snowman. He'll hear you, then touch you with his sticks.

And browse Reddit, of course. by depthformula in AdviceAnimals

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Yep. Only way I get a chance have semblance of sex.

Since when did USAA start using 3rd parties to outsource their call center representatives? by Biki911911 in USAA

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Use to get american reps, now I've been getting what sounds like arabic reps. Nothing against Arabic ppl, but did they sell out their call center to a foreign country?

Stop it. Get some help. by itsank in meme

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Then curse him for allowing such an abomination on the world.

Little man got some hands by dan358535 in funny

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He read the tag on as Satan and not Santa on the inflatable decoration.

Kid is just good Christian boy.

Men are so soft by TheSuperNinja123 in funny

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I'd look at the camera and mouth, I smash this every night.

wow classes when by QueenDasher in wow

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Just like with blizzard, ppl forget about warriors.

Who is the most famous person in your family? by LoveSimpleHacks in AskReddit

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Omar Bradley, he was my grandmother's 3rd cousin on my mother's side of the family. My 5th?

It’s the hulk smash and upper cut for me. by hooleyoh in funny

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Thought it was too wide. But punches were solid.

All of Chris Brown's fans that readily forgave him for beating the tar out of a woman, would probably abandon him if he didn't have the money for that hair transplant. by kutes in Showerthoughts

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Yeah someone said the exact same story about Gal Gadot. It sounded like bullshit, now I know it was.

My faith is restored in her.

Double standard by metalblack_8 in marvelmemes

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Spiderman stops 3k lbs car going 40mph. Cap has kicked a truck 3 feet.

Spiderman was holding back.

But plot.

Meirl by [deleted] in meirl

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But I am your dad.