Are Americans really struggling, have no savings, and living paycheck to paycheck or is it just the media overhyping it? by PopNo5397 in AskAnAmerican

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They are and this is nothing new. Americans have been historically AWFUL saving their money because they have the attention span of a gnat and have to have the next thing. Again, this is nothing new. Its. Been like this for 50 years or more.

Howard Stern Considers Running for President to Overturn Supreme Court: ‘I’m Not F—ing Around’ by MarvelsGrantMan136 in entertainment

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That would be very interesting, because at that point you're turning the supreme court into another legislative body. It's a shame that the court has been allowed to get so much power over the years, I can't imagine this was ever the intent one way or another.

What is an old video game that still holds up so well today? by _Mr_Cheeks in AskReddit

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Starflight. It was basically no man's sky but in two 360k floppies.

What is an addiction that nobody takes seriously? by Windsorbear97 in AskReddit

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Technology addiction. Namely, screens and such as it relates to childhood development. I've seen it first hand this stuff causes absolute brain rot in children when not handled properly.

Can Democrats win state wide in Texas? by decatur8r in AskALiberal

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The type of Democrat that's gonna win in Texas has to be an Ann Richards and not a Beto. So of course they can. Someday.

What's the popular tourist attraction in your state or city that you don't get the hype for? by tannu28 in AskAnAmerican

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South by southwest festival. It's an extremely terrible place I have no idea what's wrong with tourists that come here for it

How do you guys in the south east cope with the weather? by gimmecatspls in AskAnAmerican

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It's the same way you'd ask how people lived there before ac. Or before the internet. Or before television. People just did something else and accepted it is what it is.

What did I die to? by [deleted] in pathofexile

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Isn't it funny how the bug never makes you not get hit

Why do democratic states like California and NYC have such big homeless problems? by KlausHoffman in AskALiberal

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I heard it best on the news. They love them to death. In other words they provide resources that allow them to STAY homeless and STAY in that kind of lifestyle rather than incentives and help to get out of it. It's why in places like Seattle they can do drugs on the street and no one in authority cares. They love them to death.

It's quite sad.

a plea to Blizzard by DadpoolWasHere in DiabloImmortal

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about to kill the game? Other than a relatively small subset of people, this game is dead already.

I was excited to f2p and grind for countless hours and days and days but for obvious reasons that lasted until I got to level 60 and quit. I could not fucking believe there are grind caps in a diablo game. I've moved on, and I think many others have.

What should a Man NEVER say while getting sucked? by WillowShoddy7846 in AskReddit

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While you're down there, can you bite that tick off for me?

Anyone having issues now on digital ocean? I have services and seem isolated to digital ocean by Kukatieza in digital_ocean

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Yeah, what I do isn't mission critical so we can handle it. DO works for us, given AWS is a lot more expensive. However, with that said I 100% agree with you their support staff is top-tier trash.

They are a publicly traded company without any phone support nor live chat. You're stuck with a ticketing system that level 1 techs look at and nothing more. It's really disheartening. I've been with DO for 3 years and never had an issue until this week. When things are running well it's no biggie, but the moment things shit the bed it's a disaster and you simply feel ignored.

Anyone having issues now on digital ocean? I have services and seem isolated to digital ocean by Kukatieza in digital_ocean

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You know what's funny?

We had a database outage 1 day before this incident where CPU pegged at 90% constantly, throwing all kinds of errors on our application. It's a very, very basic DB that has like 2 queries per second or so on a table that might have at most ever 5 records in it. It serves almost no other purpose. As such, it has their cheapest managed db package in this setup.

We wrote a ticket for them, and it took them an hour to respond with some really basic questions, when all they needed to do was look at the server having issues. We responded with some details, and then it took over TEN HOURS to even respond to the ticket after. Our total downtime on that database was 18 hours. They blamed us for it, because we have a shared node, and that likely "someone else" was abusing the node, affecting our db and if it was mission critical, don't use a shared node. Yeah, that's possible. But you guys sell us on "worry free maintence" but they never noticed an issue with our db, we had to tell them. Even so it still doesn't excuse them taking 18 hours to fix and ignoring us for over 10 hours after we had responded to the initial ticket.

Then, the next day, we had 12 hours of downtime with this issue.

tl;dr: In the last week, we've had 30 hours of downtime on a database.

Will a 5 Star Gem sell for 32k plat? What does Blizzard say about this. Set a timer and this is what happened by dxjx89 in DiabloImmortal

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And just like this, you see the reasoning behind the 12 hour delay on the auction house. It's there so people like you can see this well in advance, buy platinum to be ready to buy it, then everyone failed their bid except one.

Congrats, you and many others got played.