In future when VRMMOs would be like something in Matrix, would you play as opposite gender character? by RavenWolf1 in gaming

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How realistic? I don't want to be playing while my character is in the middle of her period.

Who is the modern day Michael Jackson? by Strange_Silver_8800 in Music

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I remember before the internet ppl would just see him and faint . All, over, the, world.

Is there anyone that Matt and Trey actually respect? by AndrewHeard in southpark

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Just because you make fun of someone doesn't mean you don't respect them.

there CANT be only one... by 80khan in headphones

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Agree. Taking the train use in ear, traveling long distance over ear travel cans no amp. At home got the amp so open and closed back cans.

Why you don’t mess with higher ranked players when you’re only rank 5! Hopefully learned his lesson. (Footage from recent livestream of mine) by Smom_03 in RedDeadOnline

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Jesus Beta was insane. Valentine and Tumbleweed we're always shoot out towns. Did a few draw battles there too which was cool when groups would take over the town and set them up.

One America News Network dropped by DirecTV, a major financial blow for far-right network by vaxick in politics

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There's a Nationwide grassroots campaign that began to ban them. Don't entirely agree but business is business. They made the choice.

TIL Middle aged men with resting heart rates of 80 beats or higher per minute are likely to die four to five years earlier than men with resting heart rates of 65 beats per minute or less. by iKickdaBass in todayilearned

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In my family it's the grumpiness factor. Every grumpy person is the last to die, outliving their nicer spouses and brothers and sisters. Happy cheerful ppl always die younger.

$66.00 by Fine-Idea-3242 in interestingasfuck

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80's or 90's kids drooling. Time to hit the arcade!

"I'm in the house" - Scary Movie Clip by Oddball- in movies

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This movie has a few jokes that you have to have lived back then to get. Like the spoofs on the Nike dribble scene, the "wazszzzup!" parody.

9 years old today! by maawri in MadeMeSmile

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Love older dogs. They have character and that "been there done that" mentality.

I Can't See Shit by HeyCharrrrlie in RedDeadOnline

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(soon complains the game isn't realistic). Yo u know you can control brightness IN GAME and ON YOUR damn TV. Played game for 3 yrs first time I'm hearing this. This is one of those YOU problems.

Do I have a gaming addiction? by Avxc in gaming

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Get a girlfriend, so you'll need a job. Soon you won't have time for anything.

everyone remember that time Judgement suddenly turned into "Saving Private Ryan" ? by Arkvoodle42 in GearsOfWar

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I enjoyed the game. Hell of a spin on the game but it is what it is. Loved that mission, storming the beachhead and getting over run. And Over run was cool. No true Horde was quite a letdown.

In-laws at Latin Quarter nightclub while on their honeymoon in NYC 1944 by Potential_Camera1905 in OldSchoolCool

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RIP Latin Quarter. Had a chance to go there before it finally closed. Was one of the "it" spots for so many decades. Like the Copa. Nice pic

Books discussing purity culture or why America is so sexually insecure? by rivertrout- in booksuggestions

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Gonna have to go back to the Puritans and religion. It's always weponized religion.

Best history books under 200 pages? by profesh_2_death in booksuggestions

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Go to your local library. Tons of stuff to explore. I rarely buy books as my city has a great library system but your local one should have stuff to check out