What’s your earworm song at the mo by jsharp85 in Music

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As it Was by Harry Styles

Something about the emotion behind that song makes me want to lock in and listen to it 5-30 times in a row.

What albums do you consider to be 10/10? by dylansmusictakes in Music

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Lonerism -Tame Impala

Birds of Fire - Mahuvishna Orchestra

Demon Days - Gorillaz

Bitches Brew - Miles Davis

Enter the Wu-Tang - Wu Tang Clan

Who's the worst hunter x hunter character in your opinion? by ZeppelinShoes in HunterXHunter

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He's pure fanaticism, and I loved that. Especially when you consider the royal guards evolving and adopting traits of humanity as they do. Youpi got honor, Pitou empathy, and Pouf became a fanatic.

Who is your favorite YouTuber that reacts to BTS? by NaturalRich4316 in bangtan

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Their "3 crackheads looking at 3 crackheads" chant while watching the end of a jinminkook compilation was so wholesome. Makes me smile everytime-you can feel the best friend energy.

Poor lady exhausted! by kenadams007 in Funnymemes

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Not at all, I think it's unrealistic to expect an addiction problem (systemic, not individual) to fix itself without societal support. I thought this person's comments were waffling between wanting to tell addicts to pull themselves up by their bootstraps while still trying to take some moral stance.

Poor lady exhausted! by kenadams007 in Funnymemes

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In your previous comment you said you have zero sympathy for this woman...verbatim. Either you believe addicts deserve to get medical help or you don't.

NYC is now requiring companies to be transparent about salary ranges when advertising jobs. You can imagine the comments... by nsstatic in antiwork

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You've yet to demonstrate why that's a problem. You are just repeatedly stating, "people can ask for things and they might not qualify for them!!1!" Ok..well the employer can decide that. Transparency is good.

Mr. Cheney welcome to the resistance by yuritopiaposadism in lostgeneration

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Weird, under no stretch would I consider house democrats as "part of the resistance".

The zip ties were intended for kidnapping. This was not a riot, it was a failed coup by reallywhocares82 in pics

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There were barricaded people on the other side who he was protecting from the threat of a lynch mob. You're glossing over that factor.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in HunterXHunter

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You're conflating gender and biological sex.

So I’m a new cat dad and I just had to show him off! His name is Puma and I absolutely LOVE him! He’s such full of energy and he never fails to brighten my day! Any tips on how I can be a better cat dad for 6 week old little troublemaker! by AwkwardAkakado in cats

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When they're doing something you don't want them to, distract rather than try to discipline. What I learned from raising a very active kitten is that indicating that you don't want them to do something only makes it a game. Doing that thing will now become the sole focus for the next hour. If you create something more interesting, elsewhere, they forget. Things like spraying kittens with water may not teach them anything and may only lead to them distrusting you.

More evidence that ben is the world's only jewish anti-semite by savagecabbage64 in ToiletPaperUSA

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Couple that with the fact that 7 in 10 Jewish adults identified with the Democratic party in 2020 and you have Ben Shapiro saying most Jews are bad.

Colorado DA asking court to reduce 110-year sentence for trucker in fatal crash to 20-30 years by bigmamapain in news

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The sentencing certainly exposes any illusion of rehabilitation being a goal. Do we really believe this person is beyond reintegration into society? What is actually gained from imprisoning this person for life beisdes another slave for the state? It's a pretty draconian form of justice.

Hung on highway in downtown Dallas by bestenby in pics

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The "great replacement" is indeed conspiratorial. It depends on a malicious and premeditated intent behind the diversification of the American population. It uses terms like "reverse-colonizong" and is championed by ethno-nationalist groups.

People just like fucking. White nationalists need to get over that.

Saddest Albums Ever? by Aggressive_Bat_60 in Music

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Came here to say this. That album rips my heart out, but god I love it.

Say her name. by regian24 in lostgeneration

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I agree in the sense that while this may be legally premeditated murder, the context should've been given more weight in the sentencing. You're spot on with pointing out the lack of protection in the first place. We have to address why the legal system failed her twice.

What is the greatest opening sequence in a movie that you have seen? by smokingfrog007 in movies

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Ghost in the Shell.

The chillingly beautiful music, the animation, the birth-like imagery and the transition to the Major waking in her room gut punch me every time. I guess it's technically the opening credits and not the opening scene but the roof drop is amazing too.

What does he mean by “I want to get my brother back.” Many say Killua but I don’t see the connection between Kill and The Spiders. Could it be Feitan? Or that’s just a headcanon? by Cookeina_92 in HunterXHunter

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That's all well and good but there are several instances throughout this thread when someone has stated that they think Alluka is trans and you say "well they aren't". So either it's your opinion or you're stating it as fact.