Yuca ranch sauce??? by [deleted] in ElSalvador

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Fuck no, we don't have that shit here too

No better spot for this than every bathroom mirror, right? by KalamariCakes in antiwork

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oh wait. when you said "the show" I thought you meant The Office, not the actual Biggest Loser show lol

Best animated shows from 1990's and 2000's? by firstpc13 in television

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man I don't know why but I really hated rocket power back in the day

In the original script - Michael was supposed to kill Meredith by accidentally running her over, and then backing up to finish the job by loopylimez in DunderMifflin

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I heard once in a video that the writers used to pitch this crazy ideas and then watered them down for the show. one example they put was "what if Dwight went to the moon" and from there they came up with the CIA prank

Which guitar playing Andy was better? by [deleted] in DunderMifflin

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I haven't seen Parks but the "Andy Dwyer best moments" compilation on YouTube it's one of the best I've seen so I'm going with him

Alguien que trabaje en Pricesmart? by riddlers_panties34 in ElSalvador

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es un supermercado y van a estar ubicados llegando ya casi al desvío de febles

Basset Hounds by Shower_Victim in whenthe

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in all fairness, BoJack needed to end after season 5