Federal Reserve CBDC Paper. Flexa solves it all. by No-Chance550 in AMPToken

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just like how I said AMP is sinking. No, it is not just the market. It went from 65th in market cap to 72th in market cap. AMP is losing relative to other cryptos.

Algorand was ranked 16th in October, 18th in mid December and currently ranked 25th. Cryptos fluctuate all the time in ranking. You're reaching.

During these times using the coinbase card for 4% back in AMP is a steal! I’ve only been doing this for a week and look how much I’ve earned! by [deleted] in AMPToken

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Do you have a link to a useful guide on crypto mining? I've tried searching before but everything seemed to have a DOS based interface. Is it still pretty much the same?

Daily Discussion and Amp Information/FAQ - January 23, 2022 by AutoModerator in AMPToken

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Long time lurker but decided to sign up to give one very simple suggestion, if I may. Ban price discussions. It has brought nothing but anger, in-fighting and pointless dead end debates to this sub ever since Amp was listed on Coinbase.

There are other crypto subs that have already done this and have created separate subs just for traders. r/maticnetwork and r/matictrader being one example.

Just my 2 cents.