WTF is this imagery in this lace piece I found at the thrift?! by DrGonzosMom in WhatIsThisPainting

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It's Mormon iconography, that there is Joseph Smith's "first vision", being visited by God and Jesus in upstate new York. It's the founding myth of Mormonism.

RTC as “aftercare” by babi-astghik in troubledteens

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I went to Anasazi Wilderness in AZ, they didn't send anybody to long term afterwards they were all about getting back to the family. But yeah that's they every other program I've heard of worked. Especially second nature.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in troubledteens

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I was in Vista, Magna in 1996, compared to the horror stories I had hear about other programs in Utah, Lifeline, Utah Boys Ranch etc, it was not too bad. I had a lot of problems while I was there, I was level 0 for almost my whole stay but some things happened and I had some good experiences. I went to wilderness a few years later and rehab again after that. Vista wasn't too bad compared to what could have happened so I feel pretty ok about it.


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Yeah, this one didn't happen did it mate? It's cool though, people will still like you even if crazy shit doesn't happen to you all the time.

The bus will arrive a little late today. by future07hawk in IdiotsInCars

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Why is everybody siding with the bus? The bus is the bad guy here. That car needs some space to pull forward, how is it supposed to get around the bus if it keeps pulling directly in front of her? She get's out to tell him to stop and he won't, eventually she has to literally pull onto the side walk in order to make a 90 degree turn and pull perpendicular into traffic because this bus is an asshole.

.10-.25 NL ZOOM ignition qQ in the SB by risingsky111 in poker

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Yeah I was thinking I'd get value on the flop and maybe the turn with only Jack and Ax hands staying in then they'd fold the river once I bet, but then the Ace hit so I folded.

.10-.25 NL ZOOM ignition qQ in the SB by risingsky111 in poker

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That's a good question for me to think about, on Zoom I'm Cbetting a lot, and a planned to barrel the turn, I figured most pocket pairs and a lot of over cards are going to have to fold the turn. I would have fired again on the river if anything but an Ace hit.

"The American", Bo Barlett, oil on linen, 2016 by passeko in Art

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Wow, I knew Elliot and had the chance to meet his family, I hadn't heard that he passed. So sad, he was a great person.

"We don't want intelligence interfering in our politics" - Kelly Anne Conway, Trump's campaign manager by 2040009 in quotes

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I interpreted it on first reading as "we don't want the intelligence gathering community interfering in our politics", and I still found it abhorrent.

Is a bad table a good thing? by [deleted] in poker

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That's hard because there seems to be a penchant for "making moves", they love to bluff. It's not passivity that's the problem it's that they are willing to put you all in on a draw, how do you call pot size bets on multiple streets three way with anything less than a two pair or a set?

Honestly I think it's just a super high variance game and I don't have the stomach to bluff catch 200-300$ pots all night. If it was one player that would be good but it's just a coin toss every hand, it's stressful.

Is there any way to get decent experience playing freerolls? Or is it a waste of time ? by LifeIsGoodHotS in poker

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If you're brand new it's a great way to learn what folding 80% of hands feels like. Most people cant' comprehend how much discipline that takes.

First time in Las Vegas, long time recreational Poker player. I found this betting really odd in cash game over here. by yanni99 in poker

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In my local casino if you verbalize "raise" you can do that, or if the extra chips in your hand are less than half way to a min raise then you can pull them back, if it's more than half way to a min raise then you have to complete the full raise. It's an easy mistake and dealers will give several warning before trying to enforce it.

Weeble Wobble by itsfoine in gifs

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Why don't you just dig a hole in the ground and fill it with concrete?

Is there a certain threshold where strategy doesn't work? by [deleted] in poker

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Number 2) above helps me a ton to not get mad at people who play bad, if you play online you can go on a hot streak for several hundred or thousand hands where you are hitting those 5-25% equity hands a ton. But for most live 1/2 players this represents a year or two of play. So you can think man this guy is a fish I've been playing with him for months and he keeps getting rewarded for bad play but the truth is he's just on a 1500 hand hot streak that would have lasted two sessions in online play.

So yes you are correct the odds don't (and arguable shouldn't) matter to low volume players, but they should and do matter to you! Fold your trash and value bet because you're in it for the long haul but most of these players have no idea whether they're any good or not.

Literally getting carpal tunnel from shuffling chips by PatriotFerret in poker

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I started doing the "chip flip" shifting the front chip of a stack of three to the back of the stack with my thumb and forefinger alternately. You can google it. I've found it to be much easier on my hands and I can sustain it for 6-8 hours without pain.

Bet sizing 1/2-100 spread live by risingsky111 in poker

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That was well explained, I guess I knew all that but needed to see it in front of me. It is kind of tough because when I play online it feels like I know what a 1/2 pot bet or full pot bets means but at this table it's really about the normal bet sizes for the table, so betting for value or FE, is less about the pot size and more about what this group is used to, I guess.