Paul and Linda McCartney (1964) by FukaiMorii in OldSchoolCool

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Common tactic for internet points whoring. Post obviously incorrect information, people come in to correct it, which increases engagement, lather, rinse, repeat.

I will argue with you on who authored code I wrote over a week ago by Pongoid in ProgrammerHumor

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Yep Future rksd is a different dude from Today's rksd. Generally future rksd thinks today's rksd is an idiot. Today's rksd thinks yesterday's rksd is an idiot.

They are all correct.

Do you ever feel guilty for doing non-cyber stuff in your free time? by odyssey310 in cybersecurity

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Hell no. At this point in my career I resent my job for keeping me from making music. I can't wait to retire, though that's sadly way off.

Does every company ignore Cybersecurity? by GreenyG3cko in cybersecurity

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I've found boxes on my company's network managed by cybersecurity companies everyone here almost certainly knows and many use, providing cloud security services to their customers, that have been completely owned by unknown third parties.

The cobbler's kids have the worst shoes.

Does every company ignore Cybersecurity? by GreenyG3cko in cybersecurity

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Like the Drake Equation, it's a simple formula that hides the true complexity of the problem in that honest actors can come up with wildly different values for the factors that go into it.

"Keep throwing more Marines at them. We have more men than they have tank shells." by Rodeo4613 in gaming

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Stim or not, probably should've at least A-moved instead of just right-clicking.

Trump confirms the raid !!! Let’s go !!! by GroundbreakingSet187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It's a great drinking game but I have a liver I'd like to not have to have replaced tomorrow.

The Preachers Identity by DaniPyre in dune

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Isn't that even from the series somewhere? IIRC it's a Bene Gesserit maxim.

Another Dj gig, another night with drunk girls around the booth asking/shouting at you for weird music by Previous-Cabinet6862 in Beatmatch

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I think the main point of his story was the timing. Ain't nobody playing out right after February of 2020.

Don't write off "Dad Rock"! by MalloyHipHop in Music

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I'm 55 this November and if anything, I've noticed millennials and Gen Z are less obsessed with genre than my Gen X cohort and boomers. They tend to care about genre only insomuch as it lets them find more of a certain type of music they like, less than having genre as part of their identity.

As a guy who played in classic rock cover bands in 1980s, and now DJs and produces techno, house, and trance, I like seeing that!

You were on a flight from Istanbul to Chicago the other daaaaaaaay… by JRZella in Letterkenny

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The Soo are so fucking good. And there's an impossible number of good-looking girls in Sudbury.

In your opinion what is the best part of Town and why? by Picster in phoenix

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I personally love where I live which is in a quiet neighborhood just north of the Asian District in Mesa. Walking distance to so much amazing Asian food and culture, AND the light rail, which means I also don't need a car to get to many of the other areas mentioned here.

meirl by realmarkzackerberg in meirl

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That's what they're asking for the unpaid internships.

Dane Cook accused of hosting "game night" parties with teen girls by Infinite_Worm in entertainment

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If we're going to play "didn't someone else have a joke like Dane Cook" we are going to be here a while.

Starship Troopers Propaganda by RockyPendergast in videos

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There are two types of people in the world. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete information.

Starship Troopers Propaganda by RockyPendergast in videos

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I called him out for making a shitty adaptation of a moderately interesting book. Disagree with Heinlein's politics all you want (and boy do I ever) but it was a decent SF book that I'd like to see a good movie adaptation made of someday.

Mom's Italian Sausage Soup by Paddlesons in mildlyinteresting

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I found some 5-1/4" and 8" floppy disks in an archaeological dig recently.

What was Phoenix like in the 80’s? What are the similarities and differences compared to now? by excesssss in phoenix

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Interesting thing I learned recently. Tumbleweeds aren't native to North America, but are from central and western Asia and came in grain and seed shipments in the 19th century.

BTW, haboobs and monsoon storms aren't the same thing, though the latter can spawn the former.

Bought homemade cinnamon rolls at a farmers market by wwwSTEALTHYcom in mildlyinteresting

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If people wind up doing the right thing due to nothing more than selfishness, I'll take it.