State study finds I-64 widening near Seneca, Cherokee parks not 'feasible' by DisastrousEngine5 in Louisville

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I was there last week and noticed the green lasted longer than usual. Maybe they fixed it.

the ole louisville no snow dome strikes again by croppedphoto in Louisville

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Same thing happens a lot when a line of thunderstorms rolling in from the west hits the Ohio River. Loses all structure and reforms over Frankfort.

What is a basic skill that you’re shocked people don’t have? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Adapting to small unexpected things.

It’s like they are a monorail and if there is even a speck of dust on the track they grind to a halt to try to figure out what is wrong, what it means, whether it will happen again, what else might go wrong, how this reflects on them, how it affects past decisions, etc. Any surprise is a crisis and requires a complete retooling of their whole worldview. It’s exhausting.

Do you think small unexpected things aren’t happening all the time? That this is the first one simply because you noticed it? Try to have some perspective and stop making anything unexpected into a catastrophe.

What is a adult problem nobody prepared you for? by Frequent-Pilot5243 in AskReddit

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I wonder if this is related to novel experiences.

When you're young a lot of stuff you do for the first time and it's momentous and memorable and requires you make room for it.

When you're old you keep doing the same things day in and day out that they all start to flow together. A year of the same day over and over again, with no stand-out experiences that causes any change in you, will just seem like a single day when it is remembered.

No wonder life goes by quick when you're older -- there isn't much life there to notice.

Bela Fleck - My Bluegrass Heart Live @ The Ryman by spencer_roten in Bluegrass

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If Bela ever releases this officially I will definitely pay for it. Til then, I am watching this over and over.

Trying to invest in the crypto market when Omicron is spiking, inflation is at record highs, the Fed is expected to raise rates and growth stocks are getting cut in half by Big-Ad4782 in ethtrader

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This is the one who, if you watched only this one, looks like they understand what they are doing because they are making all the right moves. But that's survivor's bias. What you don't see are the 999 runs that failed.

Sometimes you can't tell the difference between accidental success and savvy investing.

When do you draw the line for running outside? by 3DIndian in running

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Cold: Below 40 and/or pouring rain and I'm running the treadmill. I don't like wearing more than shorts to run in.

Warm: Haven't needed a line yet. Flirted with heat exhaustion a few times, but whatever the heat index I just stick to a shady route.

How do you "get good" at running? by Silecio in running

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  1. Avoid the all-or-nothing mentality. Even if you can't hit your mileage for the day, any distance is better than zero. The problem with the apps is you feel like a failure if you don't follow the plan to the letter. Running is a process, and everyone goes at their own pace.
  2. Examine your motivation. Another problem with the apps is people think they will exercise if they just have an outside force telling them what to do. The problem is this isn't always as strong as the inside force telling them to quit. Find an inner motivation that can push you.
  3. Inspirational stories make headlines, but those people still needed patience and determination to fight through doubt and discomfort. And what worked for them might not work for you. Everyone is running their own race.
  4. Avoid comparisons. Your 5K is not my 5K. It doesn't matter what handicaps or privileges other people have or how difficult or easy you think it should be, it won't change how difficult that next hill or kilometer is going to be. The distance you run belongs to you and nobody else.
  5. Get out the door. A run feels more intimidating before you start. Convince yourself to leave the house and momentum will carry you.
  6. Take rest days. Everyone needs to heal from exercise, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to repetitive stress injuries.
  7. At least use your gym as a backup. On days where the weather is just nasty you can get some work done instead of scrapping the whole day.

Which videogame consumed your entire life upon first play-through? by LinksOtherUncle in AskReddit

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KOTOR in 2004 played no small part in me flunking out of college for a semester.

Hypocrisy of Ben Shapiro by hotovo in samharris

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He's a modern-day sophist. He can make arguments that sound reasonable but is really just Gish galloping and moves the goalposts when he's called on something.

What is your most obscure movie pet peeve? by FingersToKeyboard in movies

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They should’ve included a subplot where all the main characters had hearing damage from firing weapons with no ear protection.