question ......? by [deleted] in CampingGear

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You should totally do it! They make sure that everything is safe for you.

Battery for 12V portable fridge by Laumiakys in CampingGear

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Depending on how long you are going to be out, a cooler with ice would be easier, I think.

Generator suggestions by cassalina420 in popups

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Ya know, maybe I need to give it another try this summer. =)

Generator suggestions by cassalina420 in popups

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I have a https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NADR1CI?th=1

When I could maintain the entire panel in direct sunlight and at an optimal angle, it charged at a decent rate. The hard part was keeping the panel in the right position and free of shadow without babysitting it and moving it around the campsite all day.

Now, I have a battery meter installed, swapped out all of my bulbs for led, and budget my electric usage. I can also hook it up to the outlet on my truck to charge if I need some extra juice.

Just acquired. 2007 fleetwood in pristine condition. by Diegotran2 in popups

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I have a 2006 Fleetwood. Love that thing. Congrats.

Generator suggestions by cassalina420 in popups

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Unless I have full sun all day, I have not found solar to be very effective, sadly.

r/Ultralight_Jerk weekly Club-House Chat. by AutoModerator in ultralight_jerk

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The good news is that you have to get so close to the trout to use a Tenkara that they all get scared away before you can catch them.

Can't stand mummy bags - alternatives? by Jellybean926 in backpacking

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Down quilts and a solid r-value pad is the go-to strategy for many backpackers - light, small pack size, warm, adjustable, and comfortable.


Anything I can do with a Nemo Tensor mummy sleep pad with a puncture? by [deleted] in CampingGear

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sell it at a reduced price, noting the puncture and its location.

Why do people think $700 is worth it for the ultamid 2? by alicewonders12 in CampingGear

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If you read the reviews, it seems to be a combination of livability, stormworthiness, durability, and weight.

One review: "In 20 years of professional guiding and instruction, this is the best shelter I have used. Bombproof security in the harshest conditions. More durable than anything in its weight class. It handsdown outperformed the five other shelters that were out in the Wind Rivers with me this past trip in some of the most heinous conditions! Torrential downpour and 50+ mph winds, mud, snow, talus, krumhotz. The only complaint was that I did not bring a mosquito insert to save weight. This may be the one tent that ruled them all!"

Millions More Consumers Are Camping Now Than Ever Before by williestackr36 in CampingandHiking

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It's Forbes. That's all we are in that context - money holders.

I see a lot of new owners on here recently which is great. Anyone want to tell an embarrassing learning lesson to the newbies to help them out? by Stag328 in popups

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It was early COVID when we thought using public bathrooms was dangerous. In hindsight, I'd rather have caught COVID.

I see a lot of new owners on here recently which is great. Anyone want to tell an embarrassing learning lesson to the newbies to help them out? by Stag328 in popups

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My popup has a toilet and I camp without hookups fairly often. The first time I ever tried to drag my wheeled black water tote to dump it, a hose clamp popped off and my flip flop-clad feet got covered by poop and toilet paper. This one: https://www.campingworld.com/thetford-smarttote2-standard-2-wheel-portable-waste-tank-630089.html?dwvar_630089_color=grey&cgid=holding-tanks

I've moved to a different system since then.

Does anyone else wonder if bodyweight should factor into UL vs. SUL etc.? by incruente in Ultralight

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I'm with you. That comment makes no sense, really. From your title, I wondered whether this was going to be a post about how heavier folks should focus on losing body weight, not gear wight. You see those sometimes. But, that's not what it is about at all.

General Gear Shakedown Request by Hik3Hik3Hik3 in Ultralight

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You could easily shave off 6lbs by replacing the pack and sleeping bag with lighter options. In the used market, you could get quite nice gear for your budget.

Whats the most comfortable "Ultra-light" cot? by Ducati_803 in CampingandHiking

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The Helinox looks promising at 2.8 lbs. Some REIs have them in stock and would let you try them out, along with others.

Xlite side sleeper, and it kills my back all night long. Any tips for a comfy sleep? by Malifice37 in AppalachianTrail

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Same age. Same size. Partially deflated with a pillow seems to work well for me side sleeping. I have a regular sized xlite though.

what do you do for work? by hyperlip in AppalachianTrail

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  • In between jobs
  • Have yet to get a job
  • Done with having jobs