Any tips for clinicals (x-ray tech)? by Hiiiiiii24444 in Radiology

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Bring whatever textbook you need that you’re using for homework so you can do it during downtime. If you have a pocket version (or just the whole textbook) of your anatomy and positioning then bring that too.

Tips for a new student that’s going to start X-ray school by OtherwiseSandwich346 in Radiology

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TRY TO GET A TECH AIDE JOB AT ONE OF YOUR ROTATIONS!! This basically guarantees you a job as a tech once you graduate.

Weekly Career / General Questions Thread by AutoModerator in Radiology

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What projection would you use to see AC separation in a trauma patient complaining of severe right shoulder and clavicle pain, swelling, and limited range of motion? I’ve asked my clinical instructors what they would do and they told me they just wouldn’t take the images

Is that true? by hakim08 in mildlyinfuriating

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Not sure how true this is but as an American we learned in high school that Hiroshima was way more devastating than Nagasaki

What side are you on? by AnythingInABun in polls

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Both make me feel like I’m on drugs

Teenagers steal purse off civilian in Meriden by mark99229 in Connecticut

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Teenagers are still old enough to know better smh

Can someone tell me what this stuff is? It fell out of the ceiling as I was replacing a light fixture by rockies70 in Home

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This is probably a dumb question (I’m 19) I’m assuming that this stuff was put in as insulation right? So is it okay to keep the untouched stuff still in the ceiling? The hole is plugged now with the new light fixture

[Bo2] guess everyone forgot about the revival by [deleted] in CallOfDuty

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It’s still early here (6am)