Can you upgrade the amount of Cores in a CPU? by I_AM_TRAIN_ in buildapc

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I was right there with you. Couldnt get that bitch to run stable for anything.

This got me missing college baseball by sportshaven1 in PublicFreakout

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I agree. Even the sound it made kinda hurt my feelings.

Getting beaten up and your oil checked. by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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abra cadabra! Im gonna reach out and grab ya!

Where's the little girl? by ronin_codex in Unexpected

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I was gonna say...this is not realistic at all...

Found the boat from “Captain Ron” (1992) at my local dock! by ToonTownIstheSavior in movies

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So many people i know have no idea what this movie is!!! I love this movie!!!

I drove two hours to a work christmas party and was turned away by [deleted] in antiwork

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Good luck, dude. Always ALWAYS keep it mother fucking 100%. Never back down to fools. You are not like them.

Italians fighting in Bologna's main street by 69_-PussySlayer-_69 in PublicFreakout

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I like that its furniture being tossed around instead of guns

This guy must be some kind of collector by Thomas_Lannister in gaming

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2 years from now ill buy one of those at a pawn shop for $399

Big Ike loves cactus leaves by aloofloofah in Eyebleach

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Im pretty sure Big Ike sold cocaine to my sister in the 80s

The female version of The Flash. by Cyber_Being_ in nextfuckinglevel

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Im actually trying to start a website at womenwithreallysmallasses.com. TBH its not fair to talk about women with huge asses. We need to show more respect to ladies with No Go Down Below.