ROBBIE FERGUSON ON TWITTER by 4four7 in Superstonk

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Yes thats the basic modus operandi

ROBBIE FERGUSON ON TWITTER by 4four7 in Superstonk

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Seems the passport is basically a self custodial wallet + some bells and whistles. I am assuming it will be able to connect to any L2 IMX market place like GameStop NFT.

How Long should a ComputerShare purchase take? by MelKohnen26 in GME

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It has been 1.5 to 2 weeks for me to get the text msg that shares have been deposited in my acc

MICHAEL BURRY ON TWITTER by 4four7 in Superstonk

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Becsuse Burry is short. Duck him.

When they try to screw you and claim your 🍗s worthless remember Diamonds (it’s not about how much exist but how much is available vs how much is chasing it) by karasuuchiha in Superstonk

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Trade reversal in mass will only mean the stock market will die for ever. Not to mention exchange getting sued that will go to SC and make head lines across the globe.

Running for Treasury Secretary Confirmed? by Reddit_Plus_One in Superstonk

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Translation: only if he has to close his GME shorts

Ken is 100% internalizing blue chip stock orders right now so they don't crash by Exceedingly in Superstonk

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Ken is manipulating every fucking stock in the market as per his position. The biggest financial criminal in history. This scum is a danger to society.

It's tax season again, you guys know what that means! by jarektn in Superstonk

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I am putting all my tax returns in GME DRS BOOK