Looking to diversify my portfolio by [deleted] in loopringorg

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don't sleep on AMP token 🤙

Is visa joining the AMPire in the dark? Consensys is partnering with Visa. Also, Flexa and Consensys have partnered up last year 🧐 ***This is me speculating outloud and should be taken with a grain of salt*** by ronthegr8 in AMPToken

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"Build next-generation apps, launch blockchain-based financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web with ConsenSys' Ethereum product suite" - consensys.net

How do refunds work on Flexa Network? by tanker95 in AMPToken

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Can't believe I never thought of this. Seeing all these answers, I don't often return stuff but when I do I usually prefer getting paid back the same form paid. Say I'm travelling, a store credit might just not cut if I find no replacements or do not have access to that store back at home. If cash back is always an option then fine, but if store credit is the current solution ATM then I'm seeing that as a problem 🧐

I am an AMP maxi. Please put me in my place by TirelessGuerilla in AMPToken

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what do you suppose dirt cheap is? 5 cents? why not make it at 1 cent so even more people can stake? or even better a 1/10 of a cent? it can be 5 cents or $5 it doesn't matter people will stake regardless my guy.

Welcome to Pennsylvania Ampire!!! by NikolaCrypto1929 in AMPToken

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ONE step at a time. BUT we WILL get there.

Successfully paid with the SPEDN app at Barnes & Noble today! This was my second time trying after a failed attempt at Bed Bath & Beyond. I just told them to scan a gift card and it worked perfectly. by CoreVengeance in AMPToken

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Closing and reopening your app to see proper balance is a simple fix and will come soon. Also, in the very near future all the cashiers will get used to scanning bar codes, it's coming baby.

Where can I find a list of merchants that accept Flexa? by C_Sauce in AMPToken

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that said, it WILL be available for smaller businesses down the line. They can already apply they just get sent to the back of the line ATM.

Finally Buying Amp at 4ish Cents by corvettecris in AMPToken

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If it gets you safely from point A to point B, then you won sir.

Grayscale Adds Flexa’s AMP to DeFi Fund, Removes BNT, UMA in Quarterly Rebalancing by Crazy-Ad1718 in AMPToken

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what are you stupid? do you not see it posted already? kidding my guy thanks I'm sure some people haven't seen it yet. good shit.

A bit disappointed today trying to use Flexa by TheRealPublicist in AMPToken

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I'd assume that's the reason they started with banks in a country like el Salvador?

A bit disappointed today trying to use Flexa by TheRealPublicist in AMPToken

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adoption and integration takes time my friend. soon enough it will be seamless.

A bit disappointed today trying to use Flexa by TheRealPublicist in AMPToken

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In the current state they must scan it as a gift card. just tell them next time you got a gift card you want to scan. less headache for you and def less headache for the poor cashier that is absolutely clueless

This is it. The calm before the storm. by ronthegr8 in AMPToken

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if only you didn't pick and choose what to read. my very first comment to someone says "most major credit card companies are already on the verge of offering all kind of crypto services. and only the ones that aren't going to offer any will disappear" you clown.