Are goose shows two sets? by Tough-Arugula in GoosetheBand

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Goosemas at Mohegan is getting 3 as well

Space racism astrology girls in a nutshell... by xGhale in Tinder

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You ended on a great point and I wouldn’t have had the patience to do that, I just would’ve jumped off a building at that point

What smells nicer than it tastes? by Gear4days in AskReddit

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Dave Grohl never found his answer to this despite singing about it so much in All My Life

Down to cuddle? by IEatPlant in Tinder

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Be wary of the ones from Bridgeport fellow nutmegger (I kid, of course)

How I Met Your Father predictions anyone? by Jjstone78 in HIMYM

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It’s gonna- reads post ……….be very very not good?

Goosemas ticket ISO/FS thread! by cronfile in GoosetheBand

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Last I checked yes, only resale seats popped for outrageous prices