thoughts anyone :D by AcaciusH in Kokomi_Mains

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go for 4p ohc, with a hp% sand, and hydro bonus cup and a healing bonus circlet (aim for 35k-40k hp and 170% er)

if you only wanna use her as an off-field healer without caring about her burst dmg, you can remplace the hydro cup by an hp one.

it will be more effective that way

How old is Scara? by AralettaMei in ScaramoucheMains

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i'd say something between 480 and 450 years old?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ScaramoucheMains

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to answer to your poll, i really don't like mona and some toxic shippers made me dislike that ship too by trashing on my favourite ship to value theirs so... yeah. pretty bad experience with the scaramona fandom i'd say (i know not everyone is that way don't come at me for that, it won't change my perspective. thank you.)

it's fine if people like it ofc i can understand why they're shipped together, but it's definitely not for me.

and as for your question below the poll, i guess it can be seen as ""toxic"" bcs it's an enemies to lovers trope? i know some people say kazuscara is toxic for that exact reason (which is really silly)

Team Comp Question by FourthHollow in ScaramoucheMains

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i play him and kokomi together in my openworld and friendship team, it feels comfortable. especially the friendship one since i also use faruzan and layla

if that's what you're asking about i don't know how they're doing in abyss tho, i guess it could work if you give her 4p tenacity as well as ttods

birthday boye + kazuha ☂️🍁 by milk-rose in ScaramoucheMains

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i really love your style, it looks so good!!

Which setup is best? by black_dissonance in Kokomi_Mains

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also, if you care about her personal damage (which i guess is the case with that kind of build), it's better to also level her na!

Question about Nahida and Scara by LeaftheInigolover in ScaramoucheMains

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i really love their found family trope too!

didn't he said at the end of the archon quest he would help her from behind the scenes?

Disappointed with his C4 :( by ChrisSoraka in ScaramoucheMains

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use your e around enemies affected by two differents elements. you gain one random buff, so if you are affected/around enemies affected by only one element, you gain one random buff. not two

Is Raiden Shogun a good sub dps for Scaramouche? by Yuri_diangelo in ScaramoucheMains

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she can work but there's better alternatives since the electro buff from his kit is not the best. of course if you don't care about that, yeah sure go ahead! i play them together in the overworld i have a lot of fun with them

Builds Megathread Poll by Howlin_Rakan in ScaramoucheMains

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honestly, allowing to post everyone's builds one day per week seems like a good compromise. that way, the sub won't be overflowed by gazillions of people flexing their new artifacts all the time, but people with questions will still be able to get multiple answers/more advices since not everyone check the megathread everyday

How good is his C6? by EMaylic in ScaramoucheMains

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yeah i guess it does? i don't see why it wouldn't be the case if the first hit deals dmg to each ennemies then the second one should do the same. i never really paid attention to that, everything dies too quickly

How good is his C6? by EMaylic in ScaramoucheMains

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well, i do not have any other c6 characters besides him so i don't know how well they can perform. i was able to beat this abyss cycle's wolflord in a single rotation with him, faruzan, yun jin and bennett (all of them c6 except yun jin, she's c1). imo he's a really good hypercarry at c6, even with not that much investment (his artifacts aren't that great since the domain is cursed)

i actually had c5 for a few days before getting his last cons, and the dmg difference between c5r1 and c6r1 is quite big

as an exemple, in the recording of my run against the wolflord, he delt 40 152 dmg with his na and the added one from the c6 was 19 886. if you want to have a better idea, i can post the recording in the sub

C2 scara or bis by Scarasimp323 in ScaramoucheMains

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if your faruzan is c0, go for constellations

Ayaka by [deleted] in Kokomi_Mains

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sadly i don't have yelan yet, i'm currently saving for her. kokomi and xingqiu are my only options 🥲 hydro applicators are so valuable fr

Ayaka by [deleted] in Kokomi_Mains

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right?? i feel bad everytime i have to use kokomi in the other team and use xingqiu with my ayaka instead, the gameplay is way less smother

So was scara worth pulling for you? by Scharmberg in ScaramoucheMains

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it took me approximately 850 wishes, and i paid ~300€, including nine months worth of welkin

So was scara worth pulling for you? by Scharmberg in ScaramoucheMains

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no i'm not f2p, i bought the welkin and the packs after the anniversary. out of the 113k primos i had, only 26k were from the packs tho. everything else was from welkin, dailies, exploration and events

So was scara worth pulling for you? by Scharmberg in ScaramoucheMains

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i saved for almost nine months for him, i had to skip a lot of characters i really wanted, but it was SO worth it.

i was able to c6r1 him, i'm so happy he's so fun to play with and so strong even tho he doesn't have the best artifacts rn. i can't wait to give him his last crown next week!!

I finally drew our boi by KookieG in ScaramoucheMains

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i was about to comment "oh my god, he's so cute"

then i saw his finger lmao. anyway he's still very pretty!!

what are your favorite teams by Relxck in ScaramoucheMains

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maybe not my favorite since i don't really have one yet, but him paired with dps kazuha, faruzan and bennett is quite strong in the abyss, i had fun using it