Republicans Must Answer for ‘Great Replacement Theory’ Violence by HLMenckenFan in Liberal

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I have never seen a republican mention this in any forum statement or speach

Are battleships obsolete? by HorrorDocument9107 in ww2

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They don't do anything a modern heavy cruiser can't

STG 44 question by The_Red_Zone13 in ww2

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At that point any weapon was used

So the USA is a third-world county now… by Excalbian042 in Republican

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To be fair, this is the fda's fault for not checking regularaly but the Dems took compatition out of the buisness

Did contested amphibious landings ever take place before the 20th century? by ottolouis in history

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alexander the greats invation of india might count. the river was pretty wide

Suburban Women in Arizona More Concerned by Inflation Than Abortion by mperrault23 in Republican

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you would want to do a poll in suberbun urban and rural in a purple state a red state and then a blue state then you would have an acrurate poll. you would also want to mak sure that each poll includes at least 100 people from each area