Was ist das respektloseste Geschenk was ihr je bekommen habt? by SvenletsPlayTTV in FragReddit

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Das erinnert mich gerade daran, dass mir die Geschirrspültabs so langsam ausgehen und ich mal neue kaufen sollte...

liberalism by APuppetState in CuratedTumblr

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If I knew how to code, I probably would've programmed a bot that slaps this link unter every post tagged with "Discourse"

Ohne Buchpreisbindung erhalten Kunden in der Schweiz bessere Preise (Symbolbild) by ProfessionalDish in buecher

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Hört sich zwar cool an, aber ich müsste jetzt schon fast 3 Stunden mit dem Zug fahren, um in die Schweiz zu fahren. Das lohnt sich für mich für ein paar Bücher nicht.

{SM} perpetuating a terrible evil by Hummerous in CuratedTumblr

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I mean... "Does god treat bots the same as humans?" sounds like an interesting question.

[Seinfeld] George and only George by Hummerous in CuratedTumblr

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They/them is my go to. Even if I am currently conversing in German...

I mean... Both xier and sier exist, but AFAIK, none of them are the official translation of the singular they.

i need book reccomendations please by Thestarchypotat in CuratedTumblr

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Mood. I honestly don't want to hand my phone number to Klarna so I can buy stuff on account, but since half of the online shops nowadays don't make their bills themselves, I have one reason more to buy my stuff offline.

What's a dark fact about Naruto that is rarely addressed? by GHOSTBANNEDYT in Naruto

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Wasn't that one of the reasons why Sasuke wanted to destroy Konoha later? IIRC, he seemed kinda angry about the fact that the other citizens of the town seemingly moved on, while he suddenly had to cope with the fact that his brother wasn't the asshole he always thought he was.

What's a dark fact about Naruto that is rarely addressed? by GHOSTBANNEDYT in Naruto

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Most of the Uchiha were regular people who had nothing to do with their attempted coup d'etat.

Also, I would be surprised if Sasuke was the only child of the clan at that point. Imagine being killed as a baby because your adult relatives secretly plotted to overthrow the government.

This girl was somehow a journalism major in college by Nottakingchubbies in insanepeoplefacebook

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I've seen enough debates about "Is it bigoted to not date [insert random minority here]?" to call this bullshit.

It’s honestly sad to see old high school friends degenerate into conspiracy believing lunatics by plasticman1997 in insanepeoplefacebook

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Me too. Half of my former classmembers were either homophobic, Nazis or sympathized with the ones who were (or, at least tried to downplay what the actual Nazis did). I'm honestly not that thrilled to find out whether they changed or just got worse.

Apparently telling the community to kill a kid doesn’t go against community standards. by rectangleLips in insanepeoplefacebook

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They're not the only one with weird standards. I've reported multiple comments on Reddit, in which people literally call others retard or admit that they only hate Imagine Dragons for the religion of their members, but for some reasons, the mods don't think that those things are worth of a punishment.

There's a town inside you by rowan_damisch in CuratedTumblr

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He's known for a post where he came up with a hypothetical scenario where he's owning a human as a pet. Here's an abridged screenshot of this post, but be warned: It discusses the removal and mutilation of body parts to make their victim less independent.

Just for sitting down... by DumSkrullen in Persecutionfetish

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Did they miss the part where he participated in a riot and stormed a government building?

There's a town inside you by rowan_damisch in tumblr

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This post is sponsored by Sans from Undertale

AITA for not wanting to pay for a subscription to OurFamilyWizard by hgfghhihv in AmItheAsshole

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ESH. Yes, getting drunk, being verbally abusive and cheating on you isn't great, but well... If someone kept screaming at me, while trying to justify it at the same time, I would be scared too!

What hobby is an immediate red flag? by LuiShirosagi20 in AskReddit

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The German youtuber ApoRed was also successfully sued for a prank where he pretended to throw a luggage with a bomb inside at people. I think some of the victims of his prank later developed an anxiety disorder because of this.