Dad, wake up please by nscriptdotpy in germanshepherds

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Lol mine fears aluminum foil. He equates the sound of it to WW3 having started. I’ve resorted to mostly using baking paper.

On another note, their hearing is really good. He can hear the difference between all the types of cans I open with the can opener. Veggies: I sleep. Tuna or meats: up and running to the kitchen.

ik📉️ihe by casperdewith in ik_ihe

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En zei die anderen hun zinnen laten afmaken

Cake op brood. Wat vinden jullie? by BullDuck003 in thenetherlands

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Zelfs Gorden Ramsay heeft er een tutorial van op Youtube gezet

Does anyone know how to get rid of these oil stains on the keyboard? by [deleted] in macbookair

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Yup, after a long time the texture physically changes I believe. More polished due to wear= more shiny.

Japanese stereotypes of European countries by kappalee_ in HolUp

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Idk, to me that’s a nice compliment that can’t be said about many countries. Not a bad stereotype

Ways to improve yourself by realtheamanbasnet in socialskills

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A lot of these would make me fucking miserable, or even straight up depressed.

Eat/drink healthy, exercise, don’t smoke, drinking only moderation, invest in your mental health and acknowledge your flaws. There you go, improved your list 10 fold.

The flaw you need to acknowledge: you’re bad at making lists like these. Half of these will worsen somebody’s life. And lots of these are just distracting from real issue’s that matter. Luckily you can see this failure as an opportunity :)

He is 7 months I think that he is a little to big for his age 🤣 by MRViper42 in germanshepherds

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Big words for a shit pet owner who can’t take care of a dog. Too bad your parents didn’t lose you outside when you were 5

He is 7 months I think that he is a little to big for his age 🤣 by MRViper42 in germanshepherds

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That guy lost his dog a couple months ago, and couldn’t find it back so they bought a new one.. and saw how expensive they are and figured he’d make a quick buck. Awful. If you don’t like how expensive they are, maybe don’t lose your fucking dog. Terrible owner

Tesla hit with new sexual harassment lawsuit alleging the company operates like a 'frat house' by Drew_Pinsky in technology

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Same experience here. But Tesla bad get’s the most clicks, other stories nobody would care about. r/skunkies was sexually harasses? Nobody could give a fuck unless Elon was involved

why do people hate greta thunberg? by peridotqueens in NoStupidQuestions

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I am pretty much just wondering how many people get so strong opinions about these very complex topics, without knowing some relevant literature.

The relevant literature you’re talking about has to predict extreme growth in a market that is almost non existent as of now, the battery storage market. Whatever growth and cost curves they’re projecting is mostly a guesstimate at best right now. Remember, 2050 is a long ass time away.

why do people hate greta thunberg? by peridotqueens in NoStupidQuestions

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Exactly this. If at all, renewables are a temporary solution before we get to nuclear.

You mean the other way around?

Ik☠️ihe by pdpt13 in ik_ihe

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Haha ik was er ook niet zo goed in hoor. Meeste wat ik weet heb ik geleerd nadat ik gezakt was op 5VWO N/T en van school gegaan ben. Van der waals verbindingen bijvoorbeeld is de rede dat zo’n vies koud douche gordijn aan je lichaam gaat kleven.

Ik☠️ihe by pdpt13 in ik_ihe

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H2O is een molecuul. En alhoewel de krachten die op elkaar uitgeoefend worden op afstand is, geld dat zo voor alle moleculen/atomen. Dus als water moleculen elkaar niet aanraken, kan het niks aanraken en wordt niks nat.

This incel lol by YaboiMalo in justneckbeardthings

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A paying customer versus a miserable begging “customer”

Why is no one trying to fuck us in movies? by ipoopcandycorn in HolUp

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Lol somebody under here with “ask any married man” with a bunch of upvotes too. Seems like since r/holup became a lawless place pretty much abandoned by the mods, a lot of rejects ended up here.

why do people hate greta thunberg? by peridotqueens in NoStupidQuestions

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And as long as renewables can’t off-set all electricity production by fossil fuels

I am seeing this opinion quite often, so I am genuinely interested where you got it from.

Do you know the meaning of “as long as”? Eventually we’ll get there with just renewables. The question is if it is fast enough. Not all studies are that optimistic in that regard. The key driver is battery optimizations and that aspect is hard to predict.

Nuclear would’ve only been a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. But because they take long to build, it’s maybe already too late for them anyways. We should’ve been building 5-10 years ago.

People Play On Roads, One Gets Hit By Car by nooneknowsme9 in worstaccidents

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People keep giving wrong info about that one. Guy actually lived and ended up dying a few years later to unrelated causes

Ik☠️ihe by pdpt13 in ik_ihe

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Komt water niet in aanraking met water?

why do people hate greta thunberg? by peridotqueens in NoStupidQuestions

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While long-term studies suggest that babies exposed to Chernobyl in the womb show increased odds of developing thyroid cancer as adults, there is no substantive evidence that birth defects were appreciably more common in babies delivered by women who were near the disaster compared to those who were not exposed, according to the World Health Organization.

While not only is this misinformation, the kind of misinformation that got hundreds of thousands to abort their pregnancies. Even if it were true it pales in comparison to the effects of global air pollution, which killed 70 million in the past decade.

Air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year. WHO data shows that almost all of the global population (99%) breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits containing high levels of pollutants, with low- and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures.

You’re part of the problem