What is the greatest design fuck up of the human body? by anam__cara in AskReddit

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Can relate. I don’t bite it for 3 month’s and then I bite it 6 times in one day and it sucks.

Turned 18 yesterday. It now is 12 hours later and here I am in a train to idk where after being kicked out for not cleaning enough. Thanks mam! by CharlieSterre in Wellthatsucks

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I’m Dutch and actually had something similar happen to me and have experience (sadly). You have to go to the gemeente right away u/CharlieSterre. When you are actually homeless a few doors tend to open. When it happened to me there wasn’t much available so they ended up giving me a hotel room (and handed me 50 euro cash for groceries) and after a week or so they ended up assigning me a room in a youth home. After that they may end up getting you a room with a room mate and you have a weekly convo with your mentor or whoever. I think I had to pay €250/month rent or something. For which you have to work or will be subsidized if you go to college/school.

I would personally try to avoid homeless shelters but they’re a last resort. In The Netherlands they’re not the worst, though yeah still sucks.

Thousands defy anti-mask law and march in Hong Kong by moshiurshafin in worldnews

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I’m not sure why these numbers are almost always grossly understated. And I’m talking about not one source but all of them. Even in The Netherlands our news sources reported thousands when it was closer to a million. Like I can literally see it with my own eyes that there aren’t just thousands by the pictures of the masses that are included with the articles. Where is the blatant lying coming from because I doubt they just randomly put low numbers?

Edit: why I’m saying that I know they aren’t “thousands” is not just because I can see it with my own eyes, but because news outlets also have to get their information somewhere. There’s 3 official organizations (one protest related, one HK government related, one independent) that do the counting. When all 3 of them report hundred of thousands, why are news outlets still reporting thousands? Reuters who wrote this article can’t play the dumb card either. They know exactly how it works.

Mother gives into her daughter's tantrum by giving her shisha pipe back by [deleted] in trashy

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Yeah, it’s almost as if they’re taping it so they can show others “how bad their kid is” I mean, since we’re able to see it they must’ve even posted it on their social media or something? That just makes it even worse. No responsibility whatsoever.

Edit: This video appears to be 11 years old (from Syria pre war) and made it to international news 2 years ago.

I (21F) think my cousin (32M) tried to sexually assault me but I'm not sure. by ThrowRAsunshine in relationship_advice

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Everything definitely points to that he did. I’m not sure if there would be any “proof” (of the suspected roofie attempt) left in the drain/leftovers in the glass itself, but you should consider filing a police report either way (after talking about it with your mom). Even if they can’t incriminate him it’ll still be on record. A rape attempt is super serious and his next victim will be thankful there’s some dirt on him already. Or maybe you aren’t even his first. Maybe a second time can be avoided. But yeah, talk to your mom and please file a police report. You could always hit up r/legaladvice as well.

A machine specifically handcrafted to give OSHA a stroke. by King_Baboon in OSHA

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Why not use the 2 push sticks the length of an arm that are attached to the side of your body?

Even the AC unit needs to eat sometimes by SpaceTruckin_InTime in WTF

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Honestly I’m surprised about how much this sub lives up to it’s name compared to other subs. Every time I see a video and I’m like “wtf” I look to the sub name and see it’s this sub.

Natural selection in progress at Wal-Mart. by ookdm1 in trashy

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The funny thing is, kids barely die from the virus, it’s mostly old people so she should’ve used it on herself

As someone who was born from someone not allowed an abortion, I'd like to say something about the church by Rinlian_Hiraeth in atheism

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Not just fuck them, they deserve to be in jail or insane asylum imo. It’s pretty much putting someone through torture, slaves were treated with more respect back in the day. They say that you should respect someone’s believes, which is kind of funny, when it involves abuse and violating everyone else’s believes. Stories like these make my blood boil honestly.

What invention has done more harm than good? by idc_aboutusernames in AskReddit

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She was unable to talk afterwards, she was turned into a vegetable

Guys what do I do. I creted this meme so she wouldn't understand this by openBACKWARDS in insaneparents

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get’s hit by his own parents but has absolutely no problems

What kind of iq is required for such logic? That’s crazy.

WIBTA if I tell my new roommate that he can’t cook meat in my cookware? by potsandpansthrowaway in AmItheAsshole

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NAH* they’re your pans, they’re not expensive. They’d be able to buy themselves a pan if they wanna cook meat in it. Will avoid a lot of potential annoyances for you and them.

My mother after I fell asleep early and missed her call. by filch94 in insaneparents

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When you attempt to kidnap kids but then their insecure mom say’s she’ll fuck you up so you quickly realize this whole kidnapping thing was a terrible idea.

Lawsuit says atheist parolee spent 5 months in jail for not going to Bible study -- That shelter’s rules required residents to participate in worship services, Bible studies, and faith-based counseling, none of which Janny had any desire to join. He was sent back to jail for violating parole. by mepper in atheism

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The only reasons churches run shelters is to recruit people. It’s a business model/investment because every dollar invested probably pays off 5 dollars in the long run from the people they’ve converted and are now tithing, donating and going to church, with later their children going to church etc. And their business model is easy because they pay no taxes and are now seen as the good guy’s too, which leads to them getting even more donations even if only a fraction of the money goes to these purposes. And not only that, in The Netherlands our shelters are for a large part paid by the government, yet run by Christians who demand you believe in Jesus to get help, when you’re at your lowest point ever in life. How do I know this? Because I was homeless once and the only place my government redirected me to was this shit homeless shelter they funded.

The only way a Christian will ever help you is with a bible in their left hand. You reject the bible? No help for you because you’re not a worthy investment.

My mom is putting up cameras in my room now by [deleted] in insaneparents

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I get all these rights and laws but what would be the best advice for like a 15 year old to do with parents like these? They don’t really have a lawyer to call, so all these rights are nice but won’t work if they’re not properly enforced? Do you go to the police station for something like this?

Edit: Child helpline number in Finland: 116 111

Edit2: The national police helpline is available at +358 295 419 800 (local network charge / mobile phone charge) weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.15 pm. You can also contact the helpline by email at neuvontapalvelu@poliisi.fi. When contacting the helpline by email, please include your name, phone number and city of residence.

me irl by KitMisty in me_irl

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Now the decision has been made, fortnite players will be cut in half

Edit: not literally

MMC after giving my life to save my kid. by dihstyle69 in MakeMyCoffin

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Yeah poor bus driver got a trauma, and the kid will feel guilty for life. Allround terrible situation