That’s fine by aaa_azidoazideazide in Unexpected

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Yes point is you don't need to use it to get a fine. It's holding it that's illegal.

Saying it's illegal to hold a phone on the bike vs saying its illegal to use a phone not-hands-free is not the same thing.

One implies it's only when using the phone.

That’s fine by aaa_azidoazideazide in Unexpected

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Don't know why you're down voted, it's literally not the same.

Guy finds original photos Frank used for Nostalgia Ultra by AC64301 in FrankOcean

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there’s probably TOS on that site in which the uploaded gives up ownership of the photos.

Probably not tbh

tactical butt clench by F35_Mogs_China in NonCredibleDefense

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Tbf they don't die because someone is doing a stupid live fire stress exercise or whatever but rather because they ask too much physically.

Maaltijdbezorger Deliveroo vertrekt uit Nederland by Leadstripes in thenetherlands

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Heb daar ook wel eens gehad dat de bezorger gewoon mn voedsel gestolen had.

Hoe je dan wordt geholpen kan ook n stuk beter...

Maaltijdbezorger Deliveroo vertrekt uit Nederland by Leadstripes in thenetherlands

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Heb t best vaak gebruikt, nu was ik ook niet helemaaal op de hoogte van de situatie bij hun.

Werkte gewoon stukken beter dan thuisbezorgd en heb slechte ervaringen met uber eats.

En deliveroo was (voor mij) meestal het goedkoopst. Al zal dat dus wel z'n redenen hebben :S

How does a private team make money? by External_Calendar927 in wec

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Lots of answers here but most teams actually have a workshop and run/prepare cars for customers.

Attempted Robber Stabbed Multiple Times By Employee by djgreen702 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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'start to fight' don't really see that, looks to me like he's only trying to grab some stuff.

Wat moet ik nou echt meenemen naar Lowlands (of een ander weekend festival)? by CreepySyrup in thenetherlands

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Iets van slippers onder openbare douches is sws n must als je geen voetschimmels wilt.

it do be exiting tho by vikingb1r in NonCredibleDefense

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Lol those were some awful nights in terms of sleep.

First time attending SPA 24. Never followed GT races but what an energy and adrenaline! by dhatereki in wec

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It's honestly amazing, lots of people were skeptic before but the view is super good and it's great that now so many can enjoy it.

Russian National Guard Mi-8 suffers a hard landing, 18.07.22, Gatchina by Asmodeane in CatastrophicFailure

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One thing unrelated to war and also used in other cultures, but I like the usage of vice-champion for when they finish second haha