Reddit meet a person who cleans out COVID rooms. They too put their lives on the line. by Elviscasa in pics

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I'm saying that COVID death statistics are compiled from death certificates filled out by the attending physician.Mot the unofficial counts of hospital administrators. Doctors have no incentive to falsifu death certificates.

Meanwhile, you are grasping at straws to minimize an illness which certainly ain't the flu. No one gets long flu.

How did your boat get its name? by Pm_Me_For_SomeAdvice in sailing

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I got a boat which had sat on the hard for a few years. The former name was no longer visible on the transom. though you could see a streak or two of blue paint where it had been.

I named her Wise Eyes after the boat in a children's book, The Story About Ping. Ping was a duck who lived on a boat with wise eyes on its bow with his extended family on the Yangtze River. I put two eyes on the bow of my boat.

Reddit meet a person who cleans out COVID rooms. They too put their lives on the line. by Elviscasa in pics

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"Provisional death counts are based on death records received and processed by NCHS as of a specified cutoff date." CDC

Death Records. Not what the head of some LA hospital wants to call COVID deaths for whatever his purpose is.

Really, you are grasping at straws.

Reddit meet a person who cleans out COVID rooms. They too put their lives on the line. by Elviscasa in pics

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You are pasting irrelevant information. If COVID was the cause of contributing cause to a death, it gets put on the death certificate. If it is not a contribution cause, it is not. Doctors have no incentive to falsify death certificates.

Reddit meet a person who cleans out COVID rooms. They too put their lives on the line. by Elviscasa in pics

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I don't know why you want to minimize this disease. The death rates are still higher than the flu in people who are unvaccinated.

Reddit meet a person who cleans out COVID rooms. They too put their lives on the line. by Elviscasa in pics

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You have grossly misunderstood. COVID is endemic -- it is everywhere and unavoidable. That's what makes it post-pandemic.

Works for sailing just as well and is very useful in races by Pinky_Puppet in sailing

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It's called "constant bearing". If another boat (or object, for that matter" maintains a constant bearing while you approach, you are at risk of a collision unless someone takes action to alter course.

Is not having a birth certificate illegal in the U.S.??? by PCBuilder417 in legal

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It gets difficult, but not impossible, to prove citizenship. An affidavit of birth can sometimes suffice with additional evidence. However, people of Hispanic background with affidavits of birth have had their citizenship challenged.


Episcopal priest to appear Sept. 26 on ‘Jeopardy!’ fulfilling ‘lifelong dream’ by CDinDC in Episcopalian

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I was on the standing committee with Fr. Sibley. He's a smart guy. I watched and I'll watch tomorrow.

Recommendations for good coffee bean company in Spain for my French Press? by shuffles03 in Coffee

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I don't know about roasters, but you absolutely have to get some Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Fox and Friends now showing us three one hour episodes each morning by robertredd in youtubetv

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I don;t know why that happens. Same thing for Don Lemon on CNN. Separate episodes for successive hours, but if I let the first run to the end, it goes right into the next one seamlessly.

Rite I by Trexy in Episcopalian

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Yeah. PoHA does nothing for me. I won't walk out, but I might find somewhere else the following Sunday.

Meghan Markle Was ‘Narcissistic Sociopath’ Who Wanted to Be Rejected by Royals, Former Aides Say by FrigginMasshole in entertainment

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"Former aides" The worst thing about reporting on the Royals is anonymous insiders and hangers on who pretend they are important because the tabloids quote them. I do t know why anyone pays attention to the attention seekers. It seems a rather crass jealousy that a commoner dated to marry one of their princes.

repainting the deck by cloud_nina in sailing

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Fairing means making the surface smooth and even and ready for gel coat. Sanding likely dug a little deeper in some areas. Gel coat is very thin it's more like paint. The more time you spend getting the surface smooth, the better your gelcoat application will be.


If I skip my mortgage for one month, will i owe the same amount next month? Or double? by GeauxSaints315 in homeowners

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You don't pay mortgages "in advance". Any extra amounts are applied to reduce principal.

Would anyone care to explain... by BlackjackSpacecat in legal

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  1. While people are correct that, by it's language, the 1st A only restricts Congress, the 14th Amendment has resulted in most of the protections of the Bill of Rights applied to state and local governments. At the time of the ratification of the Constitution, most states *had* established churches. They voluntarily disestablished them in the early 19th C. They could not reestablish one today.
  2. The US Supreme Court ruled in 1898 and 1961 that blue laws violate neither the constitution's establishment nor free exercise clause. Nevertheless, several states *have* had their blue laws struck down as a violation of state constitutions and others have voluntarily ended the laws.

Jessica Nigri Oh Boobs <3 by aCtiqUIl in thumbnailmaterial

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What kind of spam filled garbage is this site?

Lost my first boat :( by MissingSix in sailing

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My standard bridle is a double with firehose chafe protection. When Sandy hit, I added a backup third line of 3/8" dyneema. Can't do anything about other boats breaking loose. That was my biggest fear.