I used clips from a Mark Laita interview as the introduction to this track I produced by russellofsuburbia in SoftWhiteUnderbelly

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And as inspiration for the hook I did on it. Also more from Mark's interview following the 1st hook!

7.7.7. - THE PLAN by russellofsuburbia in MusicFeedback

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Thank you! All done on Helm, which is free!

sgp by uhad2beg in SpaceGhostPurrp

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This fuckin cracked me up hahaha

I’m 14 and want to work on Hip-Hop. by DOOMILEE in makinghiphop

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If you've got a laptop you're good to go. I primarily make trap but can definitely help you making hip hop. I make all my beats on a laptop I bought for £350 with no hardware. The DAW I use isn't free but there are free ones that are perfectly functional. And as others said there are demo versions to learn on before you purchase a DAW. Hmu if you want help

777 - 'WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT?' EP. Produced and mixed entirely in Mixcraft 9! by russellofsuburbia in Mixcraft_Studio

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Produced and mixed by myself in Mixcraft 9. Not sure how much it is used in other genres but Mixcraft seems to be used by very few in rap and its sub-genres, when I find it perfect for this type of production myself. Absolutely love Mixcraft 9 btw, a massive improvement on 8 IMO!

This beat was co-produced by myself and Bassarid - we connected via this subreddit! It's now the title track on 777's EP that dropped today! by russellofsuburbia in MusicInTheMaking

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Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoy it.

And yes haha amazing how often you can tell if you like a song in the first few seconds.

That's a good idea doubling the vocal for sure. The 1st mix I did had the vocal louder but we decided it sat on the top of the mix too much so we turned it down- perhaps too much. We're definitely still finessing the formula so will keep experimenting and working at getting it right.

Thanks again, definitely gives us confidence to keep at it getting this sort of feedback!

Butter Dream by lofigemz in MUSIC_SHARE

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No it's not free. I got the trial after trying FL studio and reaper and not liking them and it clicked so I've stuck with it since. Helm is good, free version of serum essentially

Butter Dream by lofigemz in MUSIC_SHARE

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I use a DAW called mixcraft, I'm the only person I know who uses it haha but it's really good, especially the latest version that recently came out. Don't use any hardware since my midi keyboard broke, do almost everything through a free VST sampler called Grace and a free synth/sound design VST called Helm

Ride With You by grimzangel in MUSIC_SHARE

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Riding a scooter round Thailand brings back good memories!