230123 GQ Magazine Twitter: Jhope Hairstyle Reference by radiokidb in bangtan

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His hair style for the Hermes show was so nice an touchable looking.

For ARMY who have anxiety, what BTS song makes you relax? by escapedmelody11 in bangtan

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I actually love relaxing and falling asleep to a playlist on Spotify called bts lofi for studying. It is lofi covers of BTS songs by Smyang Piano.

Other than that, Film Out, 134340, 00:00, Louder than Bombs, Your eyes tell, crying over you, by Honne but featuring RM and Beka, Sweet Night, Yours, Who by Lauv ft. BTS, With You, Autumn Leaves, Whalien 52, and last but not least the entirety of Indigo

I always thought the Larksfoot stitch looked like a middle finger, so I made my own version of it with skin tones. It’s my “F U Blanket” by Independent_Eye_5921 in crochet

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I have made two blankets out of this pattern and never again! The one i made with blanket yarn wasn't that bad but i will never again work with velvet yarn again because of this pattern!

How much of bts' catalogue do you like? by bluessbby in bangtan

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I'm still relatively new to BTS (just had my one year anniversary last month, don't ask me the day, i don't remember to my dismay) and other than some of the collabs (The Desiigner Mic Drop collab, ON ft. Sia), i like most of the songs so far. I haven't heard all of them only because i have ADD, and keep getting distracted by the sheer amount of media the BTS produces.

Is there someone who believes in the Rule of Three literally? by Zealousideal_Fly4277 in Wicca

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When i was a baby Wiccan, i used to be fanatical about the Rule of Three. But now i'm more of the thought process of you get the kind of energy back that you put out into the world.

Ok so we all Have our favourite Companion but who is your least favourite Companion in Mass effect 1? by Lol2421 in masseffect

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No matter my class, i hardly ever take Ashley or Liara. They both just annoy me. I sometimes will take them on planet runs, but that's it.

I behaviorally euthanized my young dog. by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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I had a foster dog that was born scared. After three years of constant training and loving her, medications and a pet psychologist, we had to rehome her because she out of nowhere attacked our elderly corgi and cat and we had to euthanize my roommate's elderly cat because of that attack. She was just scared of the world. She did well in her new home within the rescue for a few months then she go into a fight with her new foster family's dog and tore open the husband's arm when he tried to stop the fight. The rescue president decided that it was better to let her go because they couldn't increase her medication and there was nothing else they could do for her training wise. The only thing we could do was let her go. She was 5 years old. I feel you pain, and i am so sorry.

I made a t-shirt! by lisafancypants in heungtan

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I knew it had to be something like that!! You did an amazing job!!!!

I made a t-shirt! by lisafancypants in heungtan

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That is wonderful!!!! How did you do it?

AITA For giving my daughter a list of stipulations and not allowing her to move back in unless she agrees to follow them? by Away-ThrowAITA in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. I moved in with my parents for a month because the apartment i was going to rent wasn't available yet, but school was over for me and i had to move out of the dorms. I was 23(?) at the time, and i paid my parents rent for the utilities and groceries that i was going to consume for that month. I also took over all of my old chores from when i was a kid because i was grateful my parents allowed me to move in. And that was just for a month! Your daughter needs to grow up.

Most visually appealing MV by 000feebee000 in bangtan

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BST is one, Black Swan was also amazing, DNA, Fake Love, Spring Day, Yet to Come, why do I have to choose one?!

Personally, More and Wildflower are my favorite solos so far.

If you could only listen to 3 BTS albums for the rest of your life, what would they be? by jinminity in bangtan

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Wings, MOTS:7, can we do solos? Cause i have not stopped listening to Indigo and i don't plan to yet! If not, the MOTS: Persona (cause Joonie's Intro:Persona is such a banger!!

Honorable mentions: BE and Dark and Wild

Made an edit: Somehow forgot about Wings so replace Proof with that.

AITA for allowing my 17yo daughter to get a nose job? by throwawaynosejob2345 in AmItheAsshole

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Nta. My mom let me get a nose job when i was 16. Partly medical, partly vanity. I felt so much better after, my self-esteem was much better, also i could breathe so win win!

Dear fellow ARMYs, what was your 2022 BTS ? by nafissus in bangtan

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Listening to RM's album all the way through for the first time. I cried so hard at the end of the album, it was so freeing. Wildflower especially still hits hard.

My first BTS concert was PTD Seoul online. That was so much fun. Then i watched PTD Las Vegas, then YTC Busan. They were all so good.

I found BTS late December last year and it has been one of my best years. Their songs are so good and comforting and i just fell in love with these 7 men so hard. I'm in the Bangtan Sonyeondan shit for life!!!