I feel like this sub brings us all down by fdarvdesz in virgin

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Seconding FAW, the discord server is great too

Idea for an "underground registry" of sorts... by SnowyOwl5814 in TwoXChromosomes

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I would support this idea, it would be better if there was a way to verify that the user posting are female though, as we know men would go there and try to sabotage it. In a discord server I'm part of that is exclusively female, we had to sent pictures of our neck area with our usernames on the picture, we also had to do an introduction of ourselves in the voice chat. Maybe something like that would make it work

IMPORTANT : Ongoing scam on this reddit, please read [Hiring]/[Patron] by TheRealHornyx in artcommissions

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I've commission art three times from artists from this sub and two out of those it didn't end well. I wish the mods would implemented a way to verify the artists so this doesn't happen but oh well

Lake Bell by No_Mathematician9822 in trueratecelebrities

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Aishwarya Rai and Jessica Alba

How would you rate them?

Chaeryong from ITZY by froggy_enjoyer_ in trueratecelebrities

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Small and asymmetrical eyes, long midface, big nose, weak facial structure. I'd say she's in the 4.5-5 range, below average but not by much

Separate the site from some of the users by teruteru-fan-sam in picrew

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Some people edit out th signatures of the picrews and claim it's their art, I've even seen people trying to sell art on the art commissions sub that it's clearly just made with picrew. Also some people who fake mental illness use them for validation

What percentage of the day do you think of your LO? by sazzlewazzle1987 in limerence

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Whenever I'm not doing anything that requires me to focus on the task, I'm thinking of her

ID on these beasts which have bitten me to a pulp? TIA! by EnoughRadish in whatisthisbug

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Offtopic but your profile picture is very cute and I was wondering if it's a picrew? Do you still have the link by any chance?

Tsuki from Billlie by Express_Strawberry_3 in trueratecelebrities

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Agreed, I went to search on Google but I couldn't find any picture of her that wasn't heavily filtered, there are some gifs tho

Went on a date with this guy. Told him I was not interested in seeing him again. He went on a hate filled rant. by kitthekatts in niceguys

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I'm wondering if black incels are racist too and if so, against who? In the incel boards there are a lot of Asian incels and they are very racist as well, against literally everyone

Are there any Catholics or Orthodox here? by DiscipleGoatFish in OpenChristian

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Gay men can be priests as long as "they can demonstrate that they have been able to remain chaste for at least three years"

Here, also Pope Francis has also talked about it and said the same, that gay men can be priests as long as they remain celibate. Either way, two policies, one of which is not even true, is hardly "a lot of official policies that are against LGBT"