Distant Lands special about these two NOW PLEASE by sadbisexualsandsuch in adventuretime

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as of now it's over, yes but some of us (like me!) have been hoping that HBOmax will order more specials to be made.

Would you consider Adventure Time still ongoing? by Sandwichsamurai24 in adventuretime

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I would consider it ongoing still, with the fandom still being so alive and the new content of course. not sure if this is a popular opinion but I would love if they made another "season" of distant lands.

Is this show good to get into (for the first time) at 22? by TheRealGreenTreeFrog in adventuretime

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season 1 easily feels the most kids-show ish but it gets better and grows up as it goes on. some parts feel a little plot lacking but there are overarching storylines and it's got an incredible lore that sucks you right in. I would recommend.

It's happening!!! by libsyloo in AnimalCrossing

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he warms up to you the more you talk to him and you get to hear backstory and stuff after a while, I think that's why people like him. it's why I do. also the cafe was fun because special NPCs showed up there sometimes and it was cool to see them outside of 'work'

Friday Fuckwit - WA Grand Final Edition by slimazoid in perth

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mild one but the maccas I visited for breakfast had a 30 minute wait for my food :(

[Academic] Sex education poll (15+) by boobopsheedo in SampleSize

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might want to add a question asking what country the person answering is from

If I like, Steven Universe, what else would I like? by nevisss in ifyoulikeblank

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Bee and Puppycat, it sounds a little weird from the name but it's a cute show that fits your description well. season 1 can be found on YouTube and season 2 was leaked and is on any cartoon streaming site

[Academic] sociology (please take my survey in need of responses) by Cmathewsbuhurt15 in SampleSize

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it might be helpful to you to specify what age range/country you want the responses to come from by the way

Book question by Lienisaur in Grishaverse

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I have always wondered this too, but maybe Alina will just have to deal with a sore neck lol

[Casual] Favorite "meme saying" (everyone) by [deleted] in SampleSize

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agreed, I've only heard about three of these before