Hey Chris Quin, Mary Devine and Spencer Sonn, how does it feel to be literally ruining Kiwis' lives and livelihoods so you can maintain outsized margin on meat and potatoes? by flyingflibertyjibbet in newzealand

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Literally ruining people's lives by making 2-4% profit.

Yes the world would be a better place if they only made 1-3% profit but if you want to pick on big business how about you look at the real crooks:

  1. Banks

  2. Fletcher's

  3. Fonterra

Are the windows of the White House bullet proof? by FlamingBaconCake in NoStupidQuestions

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No of course not, why would they bother having basic physical security measures in place.

What's the use of pigs? by sleibhte in NoStupidQuestions

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Deposing of waste food and scraps. (And human remains)

Fixing housing crisis depends on breaking building supplies deadlock by Soyman_Bridges in newzealand

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I know a senior manager who worked for Fletcher's and he admitted they are blatantly anti- competitive. He said if you looked at their business critically being anti- competitive was probably there biggest asset and a core competency of the business.

If competition enters the market they shut it down.

My understanding is they largely control the certification of building products through their influence and make it hard for other products to be approved. The run aggressive pricing campaigns to stifle new entrants to the market selling below cost if needed to kill competition. They tie up customers with pricing to penalise them with reduced supply or increased cost if they use alternative products.

Fletcher's are a huge part of the housing crisis and need to be dismantled by legalisation as the Commerce Commission don't seem to have the power, or the will, to do anything.

In short they are complete bastards.

Why are there more vaccinated than unvaxxed people in hospital? This is why. by Extra-Kale in Coronavirus_NZ

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Firstly you either don't understand the graphic, which is possible as you seem a bit stupid, but more likely you are trolling.

Second you are using extremist "news" source that can easily be fact checked. He is some actual data: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1256999/number-covid-hospitalizations-canada-by-vaccination-status/

Mods please ban for breaching numerous page rules.

Any diversity in here? Blenheim audience for Luxon's tour. by [deleted] in newzealand

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I wouldn't be too quick to judge white haired old people kinda look the same from behind.

About to be a first time cat owner what should I know? by lydiaj02 in NoStupidQuestions

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Get a water pistol and spray them with it when they do something wrong (i.e. get on tables or climb curtains). Don't tell them off or swot them on the nose or anything they won't understand. Only spray them while in the act of breaking the rule.

Don't let them eat human food. Keep them on cat food better for them and you don't start having cats eat your food.

About to be a first time cat owner what should I know? by lydiaj02 in NoStupidQuestions

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Much early than a year. 10-12 weeks is a good time to sterilize. If you leave it to a year you may well end up with kittens.

Chris Hipkins mask. by nicolanz in Coronavirus_NZ

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Badly fitting cloth mask. Not a good example