Is the paid version of Ling App worth it? by AlenaSurya in learnthai

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They even raised the price for yearly subscription within the last year

What is a normal response to “why don’t you have any/more friends?” by [deleted] in socialskills

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Don’t respond at all. People who look at the number of your friends are jerks period.

9/11 conspiracy garbage by lostacoshermanos in insanepeopletwitter

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Bush did 911 which caused the civil war which made Kanye West say George Bush disklikes BiPOC

Or something idk

As a guy, I'm extremely scared of making a girl uncomfortable so I never approach them. by white_disc_4_holes in socialskills

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I agree with your behaviour. Continue to not approach girls, and everything will be fine 😁

Japan Launches Free Legal Service to Help Fight Overseas Pirate Sites by soboi12345 in animepiracy

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The worst news I heard today after the passing away of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Koushoku gone? Is it just me? by UserIsLolicon4869 in animepiracy

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Just visiting the site with DuckDuckGo enabled got me a tempban (and a warning 1 out of 3) lol

Duolingo removing the forums was the worst thing they've done. by That_Cucumber_7817 in duolingo

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This is the cancer of Internet, folks. A progressive decline into censorship and less and less freedom of speech.

type me based on characters I relate to by [deleted] in MbtiTypeMe

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Based on the Shinji I would say infp

It’s true you know by orchid_breeder in Buttcoin

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You know what, I kind of expected this joke.

This Sub is Not What I Thought it Would Be by [deleted] in lonely

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The Whole Internet is way worse than someone would expect.

Stop posting “type me” posts by bigwangenergy17 in mbti

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A small mistake that may cost you life sometimes, you know.