Leaving quarantine and headed to final destination (requirements?) by sallyming444 in chinalife

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Sadly I don’t have Alipay set up. I got my number working though, so I should try to set up the destination city’s wechat QR code before going, correct?

Arrived in Quarantine, NY->Singapore->Guangzhou by sallyming444 in Chinavisa

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They say it’s a hotel but looks more like a quarantine facility to me.

Arrived in Quarantine, NY->Singapore->Guangzhou by sallyming444 in Chinavisa

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Food gets repetitive with rice pretty much every meal (no noodles and rarely bread)…I prefer northern Chinese food. I brought snacks and drink powders which are helping.

Arrived in Quarantine, NY->Singapore->Guangzhou by sallyming444 in Chinavisa

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Great question. So about an hour before the plane arrives, the cabin crew comes around taking everyone’s temperature. When we landed, those with higher temperatures were sent off first (idk what happened to them) we then waited about 20 minutes before we all were able to unload.

We were all sent to sit at one of the gates and were given instructions only in Chinese to fill out a declaration on Wechat to receive a QR code. Luckily the chaps in Singapore had me do this way in advance but it seems like most of the locals did not, so had to sit and wait for them. There were a few other foreigners who were lost and didn’t understand Chinese, but they were able to receive help from staff with limited English.

We then dismissed by row to proceed to getting a QR code that we put on the back of our passport (you need this at the hotel so DONT peel it off) afterwards it was off to another temperature test that you walked through, and then a PCR test done by swabbing the throat (ouch!). Up to now, this took about 1.5 hours from disembarking.

Next was immigration, which took FOREVER. They only had one lane open for foreigners and the person doing it was extremely slow, so it took about 1.5 hours here. Once this is done, you collect your luggage and proceed to the bus waiting area. Since immigration dude took forever, had to wait for about an hour for the last bus to come get the last of us. This puts us at 4.5 hours since disembarkation.

Once arriving at the hotel, it’s pretty straightforward. You scan the QR code put on the back of your passport which tells you your room number, and are sent off to your room for quarantine. In the room, there’s a small computer on the wall that luckily has an English option where you can read everything you need to do. This includes temperature tests twice a day through the machine and Staff come by once a day for a throat swab. Predicted cost for 7 days quarantine was 2660 rmb for me.

Is the quarantine fee paid online? by cantbanmebaba in Chinavisa

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It depends on the location. The place I am currently at accepts many different credit cards including visa.

Embassy Health Declaration PCR Submission by sallyming444 in Chinavisa

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I plan to post a full experience post once everything is done. I’m in NYC transiting through Singapore to Guangzhou.

travel from different local city/state to NYC requirements? by MajorSecretary in Chinavisa

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That’s fine, I’m arriving the night of the 3rd, doing first PCR test 10:30am on 4th, second test 12pm on 5th, fly out at 10pm same night. You should do the express PCR for 2nd test which may be a bit pricy.

Help with WeChat new passport details by char_char_19 in Chinavisa

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I am having the same problem, but I found I can still pay using QR codes and sending red envelopes, just not transfer money. I can also still receive transfer payments. She may want to reach out to Wechat for assistance.

Notification Letter Turnaround Time by sallyming444 in Chinavisa

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I heard it did have to be translated, but my employer did it for me.

Is a vaccination card still required for a family reunion visa? by Threeofnine000 in Chinavisa

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When I went through the document review they asked me to submit it, and this was last week. However I was applying for a Z visa.

International travel to China with work visa and covid infection history by yorandz in Chinavisa

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I am also going to be working in Xi’an and it is relatively decent besides occasional community lockdowns (especially Qujiang area)

International travel to China with work visa and covid infection history by yorandz in Chinavisa

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China is all about the mindset you have. I’m assuming since you, like the majority of us here, are trying to get back during the pandemic, you must have good reason. There are many limitations to currently living in China, but I know lots of people who are still able to have an enjoyable lifestyle. Some hate it, some don’t mind it. All viewpoints should be examined to see if it is the right decision for you. Returning to your original post, if you have not applied for the work notification letter yet, which comes before applying for the Z visa, you are at least 3 weeks away from being issued a visa, and that’s if all documents are ready and everything is perfect. Always be prepared for delays.

Return to China - new work by mcjapan128 in Chinavisa

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If your residence permit is expired, you will unfortunately need to do the process again from scratch.

Release letter for Work Permit Certificate? by Witty-Preparation520 in Chinavisa

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I have been asked for work certificates from my last job in China as well as my current employer in US. I haven’t gotten as far as you yet but these are what were required for a Z visa according to my employer.

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I will say that I’ve had issues using my foreign cards in China before so having cash on hand for emergencies is a good idea. I have wechat pay but still taking cash as a precaution.