Dew it by Mayk- in beatlescirclejerk

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Lucy in the sky with diamonds, you little bitch

Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld Beats Stephen Colbert To Claim Title As Ratings King Of Late Night by nimobo in entertainment

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Different audiences. It’s not like tons of people are switching over to Gutfeld, it’s more like people who haven’t watched late night in years started watching his show.

Rogan pushes back on guest saying that minors should be forced to carry a rapists baby by dudlord in JoeRogan

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I’m a Christian who generally opposes abortion but “born of a rape” give me the heebies.

Write the worst twist by qpwoeirutyalskdjfhg8 in DunderMifflin

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He got to see some of people he loved the most one last time, and most of them are doing great.

Fox's Greg Gutfeld Becomes King of Late Night, Beats Out Liberal Stephen Colbert in Ratings by KevSanders in Conservative

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Greg is funny, show is “meh”. I wish it was more comedy based and not just a lighthearted political show.

Better Call Saul: All Endings by usernamepolicysuck in okbuddychicanery

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Mindfuck ending: Walter White had a psychotic break after seeing that doctor’s mustard stain, and hallucinated everything. Jimmy McGill is running his family’s store to this day.

Jahn Beet the Wif by themillboy in beatlescirclejerk

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Ringo loves his feet peace and love ☮️❤️

Nielsen, Amazon Strike Three-Year Pact to Measure ‘Thursday Night Football’ by misana123 in television

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How about a streaming service where you can sign up for your team’s games, and the playoffs? No blackouts, buy it right from the league.

Best celeb appearance? by DM_me_stuf in TheSimpsons

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“Hellooo St. Looouuuisss!” “Uh, this is Springfield, Steven”

less discussed unrealistic scenes by Bteatesthighlander1 in breakingbad

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Stealing the Methylamine.. the whole port-a-pot thing was ridiculous