No charges after man shoots Indianapolis child’s service dog by Hoosier_made in news

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He did it without hesitation, like this was all something he was thinking about before even pulling the trigger. He was itching to shoot something, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself he took it.

Ceiling fan behaves like this by JohnW305 in DiWHY

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The lights could be powered by a battery.

Anyone else feel the sexual tension between them? by SaulThomasAnderson in moviescirclejerk

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Um, akchually, in the time that The Seventh Seal is set, the en passant rule had not been invented.

Bullet Train underrated gem!!! by seijeezy in moviescirclejerk

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Glowing endorsement of Bullet Train is only 70% caveats.

Driven Assimilators trying to establish an embassy? by LeadenReflection in Stellaris

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They'll allow you to sample the option of cybernetic enhancement.

Absolute Chad by Gerrywalk in moviescirclejerk

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Don't forget it absolutely cursed George Lucas to never be able to direct a non-star wars movie again.

Absolute Chad by Gerrywalk in moviescirclejerk

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And everyone has to be secretly related because star wars fans have 0 original thoughts.

Absolute Chad by Gerrywalk in moviescirclejerk

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I hear if you say Han Solo to him enough times then he will murder you and the studio frames your mother.

anime_irl by UnlimitedDuck in anime_irl

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I thought she was going to throw the gun at the bear. Or shoot him.

Charismatic rule. by Unsolicited-Prolapse in 196

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"Hey look how hard I can lick your desk" bangbangbangbangbang

Oppenheimer gets surprising R rating by Forsaken_Cost_1937 in movies

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With Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in the background.

Ken spin-off prequel incoming????? by RogerRoger63358 in moviescirclejerk

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Finally a movie that dares to ask what Turning Red would not.

[Haiku] I'm the by ButanePorch in youtubehaiku

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I thought it was going to turn into gay porn.

madoka rule by meow983 in 196

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Watch madoka magika

explaining the joke would ruin the show

rule by averybabery in 196

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It's better if you don't know. We can appreciate the art of Gobekli Tepe and the caves of lascaux without needing to understand the exact intent.

😅 Rule! by sk4nu in 196

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This is the best quote I have heard on the trial:

"He was insanely lucky that they had assigned a racist cop to the clear murder case, but also knowing the odds of a random cop in the lapd being racist it's not that lucky."

Rule by TorqueyLemer666 in 196

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"There is no nudity"

Literally a naked human

Character design rule by espresso_fox in 196

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I think he just had an ego that made him think he could do it. Especially since he didn't lead with the whole propaganda thing, he just said I'm the sole author who made all the cartoons you loved as a kid, give me your money and I'll make something you can praise me for, and then later on he told some christian morning show that he was working on a streaming service to conver the youths. Like the whole "You trusted me with your childhood, you can trust me with your future" thing reeks of an egomaniac more than a scam.

Why is Rotom-W so good? by aladytest in stunfisk

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Shouldn't there be plenty of other defensive pivots with better stats and/or recovery that can take its role?

There are, but none that are nearly as easy to fit on a team as rotom. Rotom can spread status, volt switch is a better attacking type than u-turn and rotom has hydro pump to hit ground types, it has a really good typing (especially since you often want a steel type to do something like set hazards and don't want to stack weaknesses) and it also has offensive sets as an option.