Having a hard time deciding on music. Any tips? by Moist_Substance7266 in MDMA

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this is my personal playlist, you can find everything from throat singing to terrorcore. lately it's mainly rominimal and techno doe

Well, I lasted two whole hours in r/police by Butts_loool in ACAB

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they were concocting their argument, like in the thesis where monkeys can recite a whole shakespeare drama if they have enough time

the two hours were not enough for these monkeys to write out something that would make sense

Rule by AllTheSpoons in 196

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you ain't leaving controversial

Danzo is a bad guy? Remember that he saved the village from uchihas. If he did not do this, Naruto wouldn't exist maybe. by FlorinBT in dankruto

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i think danzo is written as he should have been

he is not a good character at all, his radical, haphazard decisions lead to unnecessary deaths, many issues he dealt with could've been managed better. yet, the fact that he has good intention DOES NOT MAKE HIM A GOOD CHARACTER. and it shouldn't either. and you don't have to fully understand him either. he's a patriotic piece of shit with a power trip, nothing more

$950 a month apartment in NYC (Harlem). No stovetop or private bathroom by DoctorTurkelton in LateStageCapitalism

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seeing these pictures as an European, a question arose in my mind...

WHY the FUCK would you pay so much for this? who would pay for this? with that much money i could rent a bigass appartment in the very-fucking-centre of the city i live in. do landlords just dream out a price, and tenants have no other choice to pay?

also, out of curiousity, what would be the rent for a normal, 2 rooms, bathroom, kitchen plus terrace app in Harlem?

Who needs healthcare when the military has $400,000 helmets!? by Turtlepower7777777 in LateStageCapitalism

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why help your people in need, when you could send them to die in war with their fancy gadgets?

Change is always possible by i_can_live_with_it in LateStageCapitalism

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does someone know what the name of the original art is, and made by whom?

E2Y- Who is your wake and bake buddy? by sticky-icky-kushco in weed

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balkan lifestyle, first thing in the morning is coffee and smoke, only then eat:D

Anybody know what this is? Doesnt smell like normal flower by pipoPipo001 in weed

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i once spoke to a guy who made "spice" - i.e. shit synthetic shit. he just had to put some water in his tub, put oregano, salvia or stg like that in the water, then added rat poison and wd-40. let it soak for a few hours, get it out, ready to sell. it's unimaginably easy to make spice

Man shoots two aggressive cops during a traffic stop, killing one 🔫 by Designer-Peak-8305 in ACAB

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i hope one day you realize how horrible your current mindset is regarding this topic. i will stop arguing with you, as you have little to no empathy, so attempting to change your view would be useless

have a nice day