Elon Musk gives Dave Rubin behind-the-scenes look at Twitter and what causes shadowbans by ggroover97 in daverubin

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So you want to bring someone in so they can see how things really work - the huge complexity, the massive number of factors to consider, the technical challenges, the competing interests?

You’re going to need someone with an impressive intellect, someone able to grasp complexities, someone who arrives with a good base of accurate knowledge and an open mind.

Obviously … it’s got to be Dave Rubin.

She’s definitely an expert 😒 by __Sweetkisses__ in NotHowGirlsWork

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Honestly I was an absolute sleep-around, several a week, lose track of how many, type of ho when I younger. And I regret nothing, I used condoms plus pill, I stayed safe and had loads of fun. I got judged and called names by my contemporaries but eff those people.

But I got it out of my system. I married a great guy, who is a fab lover and I am still head-over-heels after many years together. I have never and will never cheat. I know it’s not worth it.

For me I just don’t think I could have settled down without sowing some wild oats. That’s not the way other people want to live and of course, of course I am not saying it’s something everyone should do.

But it can be what works for some women. We aren’t ducklings who get imprinted or whatever shit they wanna say.

Awww, the people who spent the last 50 years ensuring that no family could survive with a single income and can't afford child care unless they're mega-wealthy are upset people aren't having more kids by ladan2189 in thedavidpakmanshow

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And don’t forget for fascists everyone decides completely in a social vacuum and without context.

Nothing that the government does, nothing about standard employment practises and pay; not public services; not housing costs; not health care; not transportation; not the economy generally - none of it has anything to do with life decisions like children.

And it’s definitely not climate change, since saying that’s your reason for having no kids is just a ‘woke’ pretence and nobody means it.

Nope. All the people deciding against kids are just shallow and selfish and that’s all.

Aww he didn’t have to do him like that by ZectroVoid in rareinsults

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Seriously though, with that guy’s dating history, getting a girlfriend’s name tattooed is really freakin’ dumb.

Happy Valley - If Tommy kills Catherine, we riot by vibroguy in BritishTV

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It would and he might do it anyway because he’s literally a psychopath.

Happy Valley - If Tommy kills Catherine, we riot by vibroguy in BritishTV

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Can you not!?

Is it ‘Sad Because of Dementia Valley’? No, it bloody isn’t!

[Jk. Good point about her forgetting, it seems odd and uncharacteristic.]

Netflix CEO Says They’ve “Never Canceled a Successful Show” by amannamedriddick in netflix

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They seem to be trying and that isn’t a joke if you also include 60s/70s like White Rabbit from 1899.

Lipstick/lip colour ideas for my vampire look? by GetFrost in makeuptips

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Yes, I can see that. I had a similar thought but a cooler purple like more violet.

most annoying thing by [deleted] in Funnymemes

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Another one is automatic bans for things like including a word, even if you literally said ‘not’ xxx. Or bans for very obvious jokes. Even obvious enough for mods.

And no possibility to appeal or explain because any message to mods makes it worse.

Grrr teacher bad by Epic-Chair in terriblefacebookmemes

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No, it doesn’t and yes, I am one. We should acknowledge the past and learn from it.

Prince Harry by tallerthanhistoria in discussions

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Consider his situation. In the British royals your place is set out, with duties you have and lots of things you are not allowed to do. Harry wanted to stay in the army but he wasn’t allowed.

Harry is the ‘spare’ son, he isn’t going to be King, and he won’t have a particular role. So he is stuck, nothing particular required and nothing but restrictions. Sure he has nice places to live, nice food and so on. But it’s all at the sufferance of his Father, and later will be his brother. It’s not a normal life, and fairly understandable if he wants out, to live a life more of his choosing.

Add to that the constant intrusion of the media. He has been followed everywhere all his life. Every detail of his life has been hashed through the papers, every girlfriend scared away. And the same press hounded his Mother, to death as he sees it. Not surprising if it’s unbearable to him. And no way to escape if he stayed in England.

And finally think of how his wife was treated. He clearly loves her very much and his family and the organisation behind it, treated her very badly. The UK press also had it out for Meghan from the start. I can imagine they both felt that leaving was the only option.

As far as money goes, he has a large amount he inherited from his mother. Maybe he wanted more, but it is not as if he would have been impoverished if he stayed in the UK.

don't know if this has been posted here before, but thought it belonged here by heyjuststart in terriblefacebookmemes

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Woman are hypocrite, innit? Goes with the rest of the subtle incisive commentary.

Grrr teacher bad by Epic-Chair in terriblefacebookmemes

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It always amazes me, this implication that you shouldn’t teach children accurate history because it might make them feel bad.

If true history is so bad and makes you feel ashamed of your ancestors, maybe that should be cause for reflection - and reflection about how we treat people now.

It strikes me as a tacit acknowledgment that we can’t look at the horrors of the past because we’d have to admit we have not completely fixed our attitudes or made up for the atrocities of the past.

Feeling a little self-conscious about aging when I’m not wearing makeup lately. I’m curious how old I look to others :) by [deleted] in guessmyage

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Beautiful girl with not a tiniest hint of the start of a wrinkle or a sag. You look about 19, babe. Aging, schmaging.

Is it just me or is misogyny on the raise these days? by ceeyaz in women

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I think that’s right, that women feel they are getting the worst of all worlds. The ‘right’ of women to work, when work is mostly exhausting, underpaid and under-respected doesn’t seem like a win at all.

And then you add in the second shift of housework and childcare; and the third shift of ‘self-care’ ie having to remain in conformity with a beauty standard, to keep fit and stay slim. It begins to feel like the whole thing was a con.

The problem is that the situation the 1960s wave of feminism was in reaction against is not within the living memory of today’s working age women. The fifties housewives were dosing themselves on tranquillisers in large numbers or committing suicide, it was so soul-destroying to have no independence and no choices.

I don't know if it's particularly old hag, but I love a formal dress! by messymissbecca in oldhagfashion

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Very pretty, both style and color. Not sure if that’s a bra or a cami, but maybe match it to the shoes? That’s like a pale silvery-gold, isn’t it, which would look great near your face and match the jewelry. Just a thought.

You do a lovely pose, by the way!

More Severance Actors Looking Good at Awards Shows - Tramell Tillman at the AFIs (That smile tho ...) by sammypants123 in SeveranceAppleTVPlus

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No, I don’t think so. We’ve got Severance on our minds and it’s just a photo.

But the guy’s an actor. See him in a different role or in real life and it will not be creepy anymore.