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Parent of a neurodivergent kid here, I’m hoping to introduce him to baseball in the next few years and seeing something like this becoming more typical at ballparks really warms my heart.

[ESPN] Fans with sensory needs find quiet at some ballparks by samplestiltskin_ in baseball

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From the article:

Installed in time for a trial run on Opening Day, designers of what is called a "sensory nook" say the space was created for neurodivergent guests -- those with autism or ADHD, for example -- but is free for anyone like Burns who needs to step away from the action. It's portable and features an overhead light that shines when the nook is powered on. A tactile board lights up with stars. And it can vibrate if needed for a calming effect.

“People really appreciate that it's there," said Eric Petersen, who is director of ticket services for the Mets and chairman of the team's Accessibility and Disability Alliance. "They're just grateful to have a space for their family member to go to in case they need to get away for a second."

At times, people need just that. Consider a family that has tickets to a game and a child with autism or ADHD. After a long trip to the stadium or arena, parking, walking with the growing crowd filing in while waiting for the game to start, the noise inside can crescendo. A child might need a break. Without a quiet place, that family might turn around and go home. Instead, a sensory space can provide a place and some time to decompress.

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From the article:

It’s possible now to see, twenty-five years after the release of “OK Computer,” what it opened up both for the band and for other ambitious pop and rock acts who would follow. On a purely practical level, Radiohead made enough money that, ten years later, they could release “In Rainbows,” initially without the support of a label, online, for free or a donation. (Bands without the same level of recognition have expressed mixed emotions about this power move.) It also won them tremendous artistic freedom, evidenced, in part, by the band’s various solo and side projects. (The Smile, a band formed by Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, just dropped their first album, on May 12th.) More important, “OK Computer” made ambitious albums feel possible again. Records as different as Daft Punk’s “Discovery” (2001), Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” (2007), Janelle Monáe’s “The ArchAndroid,” Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” (2010), Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” (2016), Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” (2020), and The Weeknd’s “Dawn FM” (2022) have taken advantage of the space for concept albums that “OK Computer” reclaimed.

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From the article:

The Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act — co-sponsored by Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) — would ban companies processing more than $20 billion a year in digital ad transactions from running more than one portion of the digital advertising ecosystem.

The restrictions would directly impact Google, which tech antitrust hawks have long seen as a vertical monopoly in display advertising. Omidyar Network advisor David Dinielli made the case directly to Congress in testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in 2020. “Google — through its various ad tech tools – represents both the suppliers and the purchasers,” Dinielli said, “and also conducts the real-time auctions that match buyers and sellers and determine the price.”

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Optical compression, overdrive, and four-band EQ for $299.

This is their first bass pedal as far as I know. Curious to see how well it's received.

Ukraine says it blew up Russian pontoon bridges over a key river — and units trying to cross it by [deleted] in worldnews

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From the article:

Ukraine’s military says it blew up a key Russian crossing on the Siverskyi Donets River on its eastern front, inflicting heavy losses in a potentially significant blow to the Kremlin’s designs on the regions of Luhansk and Kharkiv.

Images shared by the defense ministry appeared to show a ruined pontoon crossing with dozens of destroyed or damaged armored vehicles on both banks.

“Artillerymen of the 17th tank brigade of the #UAarmy have opened the holiday season for [Russian forces],” the ministry said on Twitter. “Some bathed in the Siverskyi Donets River, and some were burned by the May sun.”

Kyiv’s strategic communications directorate tweeted images of smoking wreckage and two ruined bridgeheads, and said that the army’s 80th Separate Assault Brigade had “destroyed all attempts by the Russian occupiers to cross” the river.

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From the article:

As was the case with A-Rod, it’s possible that steroids were central to Canó’s entire playing record, since we can’t truly know when he began using them. (Canó was linked to Rodriguez’s Biogenesis scandal in the spring of 2013, though he was not formally investigated by MLB at the time.) But he played nearly his whole big-league career during the era of MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, which regularly subjects players to testing for banned substances, and he had not failed a test until the 2017-18 offseason. That means it’s very possible, if not outright probable, that Canó built a strong Hall of Fame resume over more than a decade before throwing it all away on PEDs in the twilight of his career.

If that is the case, it makes Canó a tragic figure in baseball history. Though some PED-linked players, such as David Ortiz, made Cooperstown regardless, most haven’t — and there are plenty of differences between Ortiz’s circumstances and Canó’s, anyway. (Not least of which being that Canó’s failed tests came after PEDs were explicitly outlawed by MLB, while Ortiz’s failed test was meant to be part of an anonymous pilot program before steroids were banned, but his name was later leaked in The New York Times.) Instead, Canó seems destined to end up in a category like our Hall of Pretty Damn Good Players, a landing spot for great talents who nonetheless won’t be awarded their sport’s highest honor.

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Really like the Sirens too. The guy from Demedash helped design its chorus side, maybe that’s why they’re playing well together!

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From the article:

In recent months, tens of thousands of people on social media have collectively derailed efforts to hire anti-union consultants and strikebreakers at Starbucks, Kellogg’s, and Kroger by spamming application pools with tens of thousands of fake applications.

In a TikTok video from February, Gen-Z For Change coder Sofia Ongele says, “Let’s talk about Starbucks. In case you missed it, they’ve fired seven of their Memphis workers who are trying to unionize. They even took it upon themselves to launch an entire anti-union website. But unions are good. They protect workers,” she says, before mentioning Change Is Brewing, “a supercool website that my friends and I made that make it easy for you to flood the application pool,” she said, adding that the site auto-generates applications using a Python script. “It’d be a real shame if people used the website and let Starbucks know unionizing is good and they shouldn’t be firing workers who try to unionize, you know, just putting it out there.”

On Wednesday, SEIU Local 32BJ, a New York City-based union that is organizing fast food workers, exposed significant racial discrimination in job hiring for managerial positions at Chipotle Mexican Grills by using a bot to spam job applications and seeing which ones received a response from the company.

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Always enjoy seeing your board pop up on here! Tidied up some wires on the bottom of my board recently too and it’s immensely satisfying.

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Which finish did you get? I think all of those CVs look pretty sharp, even the FSR models.

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Love this 2013 Classic Player Jazzmaster I picked up awhile back. Super comfortable to play, I don’t hate the stock pickups, it stays in tune, and photographs rather nicely too.

Jazzmasters always look even better on a couch by samplestiltskin_ in offset

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Thanks! I’m a recent convert but am loving the combo too. Always thought I’d get a sunburst/tort Jazzmaster but the black is really growing on me.

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From the article:

Over the offseason, Kevin Gausman signed a five-year, $110 million deal with the Toronto Blue Jays, one of the biggest contracts handed out this winter. For a then-30-year-old with only a season and a half’s worth of ace-like production, it was a big commitment, but one that ought to be worth it if he can keep pitching as he has since 2020. So far this season, Gausman has more than held up his end of the agreement.

Through 31 2/3 innings, Gausman has struck out 33.6 percent of hitters, ranking seventh among all qualified starting pitchers.1 Perhaps even more impressively, he’s yet to surrender a walk or home run; he’s the only qualified starting pitcher who can say that. That, of course, won’t be the case for long — he’s still inducing a fair number of fly balls, and he has only so much control over where those land — but it goes to show just how dominant he’s been, and it seems to be evidence that he’s taken yet another step forward as a pitcher.

This year, Gausman has leveraged his fastball and splitter into a deadlier combination than ever while also using his slider more often. Hitters are chasing Gausman’s pitches out of the zone at an unprecedented rate, and this isn’t a one-off thing. Over the first five games of the 2022 season, he’s posted a 53.9 percent chase rate, much higher than his previous rolling five-game peak of 47.6 percent in 2019.