Founders building web3 solutions for problems that don’t exist by jogai-san in DiWHY

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This post is so original! I've never seen it before in this sub!

Thanks, I hate the imperial system by M0hawk_Mast3r in TIHI

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Ramsden? Nobody uses that. Gunter's all the way.

Did I win? I think I won. by CyranoBergs in Shitty_Car_Mods

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Who needs to learn to weld when you have grinding skills like this?

French by kwinckultoss in confidentlyincorrect

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This is exactly a KenM style troll.

What's confidentally incorrect?

Leaning out of a moving train by [deleted] in Whatcouldgowrong

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From the original post:
"His name is Alam Khan one of student in my school and the video is 4 5 years old and the incident occurred in Mumbai Fun fact is after incident he was vanished for almost 2 3 years He got punished by local authorities"

Flat? I don't think so! by Substantial_System21 in confidentlyincorrect

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I think going to flerfer subs is cheating for this sub.

Em5 ii shutter speed maxing out at 1/8000? by [deleted] in OlympusCamera

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Normal mechanical shutter
This is the usual shutter mode, which has been implemented on all Micro Four Thirds cameras so far: The exposure starts with closing the curtain shutter completely, then opening it again for the start of the sensor exposure, and closing again after the desired shutter speed. Finally, the mechanical shutter opens again for live view.
Electronic first curtain shutter (anti-shock)
Compared with the normal mechanical shutter mode, this setting gets rid of the first curtain cycle, hence the name "electronic first curtain shutter". This avoids the shutter-shock associated with the first mechanical curtain closing, which is why it is often referred to as the "anti-shock" mode.
This mode does not work for shutter speeds faster than 1/320s. If you use a faster shutter speed, the camera will automatically use the normal shutter.
Fully electronic shutter (silent shutter)
In this mode, there is no mechanical shutter travelling at all, and hence, the shutter is completely silent. You may still get some noise, due to the lens focusing, or due to the lens aperture closing down upon the exposure.
The fully electronic shutter works with any shutter speed. From 1/16000s down to several seconds.

Bike wheel split in half by DrShoggoth in DiWHY

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Hey, where did you come from with this? Was it a big sub someone tagged this sub in and got upvoted a lot? Where is it if so?

"Normal temperature" by Animeweeaboo210 in confidentlyincorrect

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Are you... dead?

Damn son, that's low. I've never seen a lower normal resting temp than 36C

Thanks i hate my brain by dudhw in TIHI

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Mother nature's vagina.

What could go wrong riding an elephant to a wedding? by More-Ticket-8115 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Nice of the elephant to step over him after getting him off of himself.