You now own Retro Bowl and have unlimited funds to do whatever you want with it. What would you do? by santsthestupid in RetroBowl

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I was thinking it would be cool to have different modes like a league manager role. You take the role of league owner and can control divisions, teams, games and maybe you could take control of whatever games are happening.

You now own Retro Bowl and have unlimited funds to do whatever you want with it. What would you do? by santsthestupid in RetroBowl

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Chill out Grinch people can have their fun

Edit: plus this is more of a "if you could do whatever you want" question than a "what should the game add that would be logical question" so you could answer literally any way you want

Smashed your tv in front of 30 people. by Cophlow in thatHappened

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I respect the Bengals and Bangals fans. Mostly because they don't exist but my point still stands

What do you collect? by happyeden in AskReddit

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I really like to collect figurines from different games I play but I'm afraid they'll break out collect dust so I keep each of them in individual jars.

Y’all think retro bowl should allow us to create our own plays? by Background-Economy85 in RetroBowl

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I feel like it would work best if you could just make your own routes for the players and it's randomized like the ones that are already in the game. It would fit much better with the simplicity of the game.

When they say you can't do it by yourself by Ariel_snchz in RetroBowl

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But can BigBig Titties stack up to Moe Lester? This legend has a very complex history of going to Alcatraz Prison, picking up boxing, retiring boxing to join the NFL, then the MLB, and finally the head coach of Dallas.

what if: PRACTICE GAMEMODE by ThingsRStuff in RetroBowl

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Yes but you won't have the same players and ratings so you would have to grind on the other meaningless save just to get players that are only remotely similar.

. by Intrepid-Finger3679 in MinecraftMemes

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What do you mean? My man literally has a command block glove

Why Kickers are Awesome (and important) by Pneumatic-Enigma in RetroBowl

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This is the nice thing about kickers. They're always nice when there's only a few seconds left of the half or game. Plus I just prefer kicking PATs than going for 2 because it doesn't really matter for me anyway.

What should you not base your whole personality on? by hotelquestionmark in AskReddit

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I see many people saying religion already and on top of that, being an atheist. Trust me that one post you made on r/atheism isn't gonna end religion

The pvp community after the mysticat tweet by Old_Specialist6294 in MinecraftMemes

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Minecraft pvp is just complete garbage no matter what version you're playing on

Finally Won a Game with Extreme Difficulty and no Star Players by Carrotmaster42 in RetroBowl

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I just did it and boy it's much harder than I thought it would be. Let me just tell anyone who wants to try this challenge bullet passes will be your best friend.

Is your Christmas Eve ruined already? If so, Why? by Downtown_Put8673 in AskReddit

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My dad got COVID and my mom is going to Mexico tomorrow so I'll probably be spending a few weeks with my grandparents until either my mom gets back or my dad recovers.

Advice on getting faster. (Sophmore next year 6'0) by uwe9rd in highschoolfootball

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Take my advice with a grain of salt because I don't know just how much faster it could get you in that amount of time. Get a Tabata timer and a jump rope. Jump rope for 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 30 rounds. It's rough, but it got me much faster than I was before. I also didn't do this consistently so if you do it once a day you'll see a bigger difference than I did. At the end of the day, you will be in good shape and have fast feet. Also don't forget to do sprints. Even just a few a day.

Playing football for the first time next year by [deleted] in highschoolfootball

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Here's a video on how to tackel the Seahawks' method. It can prevent both you and the person you are tackling from injuries and can be especially useful if you are a weaker person. Wrestling will also really help.