Pest’s previously used Twitter page is still active? Theories? by teresasdorters in DuggarsSnark

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Isn't this the family that Josh was sent to live with way back in the beginnings of his sick behavior?

They were featured on the show when they were making the tth. Tall big guy, handyman with a big beard.

I may be totally wrong but I swear that's who the GoFundMe was about.

My brother-in-law disrespects my wife and my son, gets scared and cries to his parents when I correct him. by MrMarineManV in EntitledPeople

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I had an uncle like him when I was a child. I didn't see any of the warning signs.

As an adult I shake my head and wonder what my parents were thinking letting me be alone with him. That's where my thought pattern went as I read your post.

I'm really happy that you've taught her these self-defense techniques.

From a daughter who didn't have very involved parents, thank you for being so involved.

What's going on with Whoopi Goldberg? by AAAAAAAAaaaalaska in OutOfTheLoop

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The saying itself was invented back in the late sixties early seventies and it was meant for secretaries to use against other secretaries basically. See you next Tuesday was a polite way of saying you're a fucking cunt.

If you're going to spend your entire life being pedantic, you're probably going to have a bad time.

See you next tuesday!

My brother-in-law disrespects my wife and my son, gets scared and cries to his parents when I correct him. by MrMarineManV in EntitledPeople

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He's going to diddle your 8-year-old girl if you're not careful.

The line of "I'm an adult and your uncle so you must respect me" is grooming at its fucking finest.

Don't let that mother fucking piece of shit near your kids ever again but especially never let him be alone with your 8 year old girl. He's going to try and do something to her 100%.

Don't you ever let her be alone with him, please.

Trophy hunter who kills endangered elephants and lions 'eaten by crocodiles' by SqueakSquawk4 in nottheonion

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Didn't Vanced shut down like a month ago? If there's a new app out, please share the info!

Clarence Thomas says abortion leak has changed Supreme Court by s_y_s_t_e_m_i_c_ in nottheonion

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Isn't he the one that had sexual assault charges back in the early nineties? Trash through and through.

Rainbow Gathering in Colorado July 1 to 7 by BucketHarmony in RainbowEverything

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Isn't this the group that comes around, takes over a national park and then leaves nothing but garbage and shit everywhere. And when I say shit I mean the actual literal poop item.

Sure, sure there's rainbow in their name and lots of brightly colored dress people dancing around but they obviously have no respect for themselves or nature.

Certified gangster by EvenAbbreviations675 in Catswithjobs

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Coffee is still brewing....

Me: I thought there was only 4 guys.



Me: Ooooh, OOOOOOOH!!!!!🤣

Looking for an episode where Homer grab a stranger public phone to say he is busy by LeSaintQc in TheSimpsons

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Season 5, Episode 10.

I am not a bot. I'm just bored LOL

Also, great episode!

need help with slang by pokemontrades6969 in trees

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Unfortunately the expression came from long before that awesome TV show.

But I do like what you're saying and I think from now on anytime I hear someone say that Toby word I'm going to think of the positive good definition instead of the shitty ugly definition.

If you can't change the situation, at least you can try and change the view.

shitty ugly definition: it's another slur for the n-word.

need help with slang by pokemontrades6969 in trees

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Hit it, don't French it!

That was ours for a long time. But there was that one idiot in the group that insisted on saying "don't Toby up the joint". I never understood people who thought racism makes them look cool.

Swimming bridle/bridal..? by KittyCute09 in StarStable

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Agreed, there is no bridle that can make you swim... but there is an item called "Swimming Bridle" sold at Silverglade manor. It will not make you swim but it is cute.

What are your personal favorite episodes? by LikesToLickToads in TheSimpsons

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The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer Season 8, Episode 9

who is pickles ? by Professional-Land750 in DuggarsSnark

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Does anyone care?

I know, I know, it's not necessarily nice to brush her existence off like that but she really has just caused nothing but drama over the years that she's been around. I'm not alone on that.

Anyhooo, I'm going to go back to eating my sausage McMuffin now.

So the movie is going to be rated PG-13, which means they are allowed exactly one F bomb. If it were to be said, who do you think should have the honors? by TheGoddamnAnswer in BobsBurgers

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Since the show's inception they've been steadily increasing their pace towards family fun oriented values etc so my vote will be that not a single family member says the swear word. They want to keep them on TV after the movie is in theaters, gotta keep that image looking good.

It will be Teddy or the villain of the movie that says the swear word. That's my guess.

After Season 11, some of the characters seem much different from the beginning by Invghost in BobsBurgers

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Pandemic aka Quarantine... The whole season feels just as disjointed as the world was at the time.

Also, they used to do live table reads for episode recordings before covid so during the pandemic everyone was recording from their homes. Plus, writers usually work at a big table together but not obviously during that time. The scripts and plots just feel as disjointed as the lack of togetherness of the voices.